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While some countries require internship for dental students, India has removed this requirement in 2007, which made it one of the several countries where internship of dental students is not required. The rationale behind this decision is that students are not serious enough about this requirement and many of them would not attend dental internship but instead they just get a fake a certificate.

However, in 2011, the Dental Council of India is again considering the need for internship.

Dental elective project in Palampur India

India produces approximately more than 23,000 dentists every year from its more than 240 private dental colleges and 40 government colleges. Because of the revival of the internship requirement in India and the required internship imposed by most countries, dental elective internship is again becoming a popular volunteer option in the country.

Dental elective programs are part of skill-based volunteering, along with medical and healthcare programs for medical or nursing students. Dental electives are only open to volunteers who have skills and knowledge in dental practice, more particularly the dental students.

Dental internship provides an opportunity for students who are interested to become a doctor or a professional dentist to have an on-the-job training in their field under the supervision of an experienced professional dentist. This program is designed so that students will gain valuable exposure to dental practices of other countries.

You will be able to learn how they do certain methods and techniques which may be different from what you have learned in school. Aside from that, you can proudly include your experience in your CV to give you an edge when you will be hunting for a job in the future.

Tasks and responsibilities assigned to dental volunteers largely depend on the educational level and the confidence level of the volunteer. What is good about this program is that since you will be working in a dental clinic, you will have an opportunity to work with patients upon their consent.

Dental programs are suitable not only for individual volunteering but also for group volunteering. There are volunteer organizations that can arrange a dental checkup camp for your group. These camps are normally designed to raise awareness about oral hygiene in local schools and villages. It can be a fun and interactive experience for everyone in your group.

In order to qualify for dental internship, students are generally required to present their proof of enrollment in dental school as well as a copy of their Resume or CV. While you are not required to bring your personal paraphernalia, interns are encouraged to bring gloves, masks, laboratory coats and other materials with them. You may also bring educational materials which you may share to the people you will be serving.

Various countries accept dental interns. However, the most popular destination is India because of the availability of inexpensive dental programs offered in the country.

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