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Intern in India with Volunteering Solutions and gain valuable work experience in the areas of Medicine/Healthcare , Dentistry and Physiotherapy. The internship and elective placements are based in the town of Palampur, located in the state of Himachal Pradesh in northern India. Under the Medical Internship Program in India , interns work in private and public hospitals in Palampur. Depending on the level of experience as well as skills of the students you may be asked to shadow as well as assist the medical staff in their work. The Medical Internship placements are highly recommended for both medical as well as nursing students.

Under the Dentistry Elective Internship Program, students are placed in dental clinics as well as hospital placements where they work under the observation of qualified dentists.
We also have Physiotherapy Internship opportunities available where physiotherapy students are placed in physical therapy clinics or hospital placements. Students are also occasionally placed in rehabilitation centers for disabled students.

Affordable Internship Programs in India

  • Medical - Healthcare Internship
    Dental Elective Internship Dharamsala - Palampur

    Dental Elective Program Palampur

    Interns are placed in dental clinics in the region and work with professional dentists.The program is highly suitable for dental students who are looking to gain....

  • Medical - Healthcare Internship
    Medical Internship in Delhi

    Medical Internship in Delhi

    Join the Medical Internship opportunity in the heart of capital city, Delhi. Taking part in a medical internship program in India is a highly valuable experience for students studying medicine and nursing as they get to gain valuable international exposure.

  • Medical - Healthcare Internship
    Medical & Nursing Internship Dharamsala - Palampur

    Medical Nursing Internship Palampur

    Interning in the Medical Internship Program in Palampur- Dharamsala area in India is a very challenging and eye opening experience wherein interns get to work and experie

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