Experiences Of Those Who Volunteered Abroad To Make A Difference


“The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something. Don’t wait for good things to happen to you. If you go out and make some good things happen, you will fill the world with hope, you will fill yourself with hope.”

– Barack Obama.

‘Volunteering’, as it is widely known, is an act of philanthropy – a way to show your love for those who need it the most. In the 21st Century, the concept of volunteering has gained much importance as people travel from all across the world to distant places in order to be a part of meaning projects, through which they can contribute towards sustainable development of the underprivileged people in the society.

While some countries like the USA and the UK have achieved multiple stages of development and economic stability, there are countries like Ghana, Uganda, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal etc where there are large sections of people, who are in need of a little help from others, in order to gain some social stability. There are millions of children in these Third World Countries, who are either suffering from lack of shelter, or are victims of physical abuse, or don’t get the chance to receive education provided by the government.

Several organizations have taken up the cause to help the communities and provide them with the hope of a better tomorrow. Not just that, but millennials are extremely enthusiastic to spread love beyond borders. In 2017-18, Volunteering Solutions has hosted more than 1500 volunteers, who joined programs across 23 countries in the world, with the aim to educate, treat and care for people.

And our volunteers are nothing less than superheroes!

Let’s take a look at how the volunteers made a difference in the lives of others, with love:

Gonzalo Canales traveled all the way from Chile (South America) to Tanzania (Africa) and joined the Teaching Program in Arusha for 2 weeks. He taught the kids to read and write, and most importantly, he taught them about a larger world about which perhaps no one told them before. This heartwarming photo was shared by Gonzalo on the last day before he was leaving his project. This shows the affection that the kids had for their new teacher, for the love that he had showered on them.


Elizabeth Schear joined the Teaching Volunteer Project in Kenya for 6 weeks. She traveled all the way from the United States, just to make a difference in the lives of these children. She raised funds to buy uniforms for the students and has shared a touching video which shows how happy the kids were. As it is said, every little drop counts. Elizabeth’s contribution might seem very little but for the students there in Kenya, she was nothing less than God’s Messenger.

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"I am So so SO grateful to everyone who donated money to buy uniforms for ALL of the orphans at Neemaland Queens and Kings Children's Home. In less than a week I had enough donations for all 31 children who couldn't afford a uniform and to say they're appreciative is an understatement. It was kept a surprise and when they saw the giant box they started asking if it was books or shoes or new equipment, but no one even thought it was uniforms because it would be too much. At first the younger kids didn't understand that they, too, were receiving uniforms because usually there's only enough money for the older students and were in shock when they found out and started running around screaming, while some of the older girls teared up. Some had uniforms that were completely torn and too tight for them while others lacked the pants, shirt and sweater all together and wore whatever clothes they had. Today was such a special day for both the kids and myself." @libbbbs This is how #volunteeringsolutions volunteer had made a difference in Kenya. What are you waiting for? . . . #IAmVolsoler #travel #live #volunteer #inspire #dogood #wanderlust #journeys #volunteering #goodness #makeadifference #instagood #instadaily #happy #education #spreadhappiness #kenya #children #school #igtravel #socialgood

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Ines Aichner, from Germany, had joined the Child Care & Social Welfare Project in Cape Town, South Africa, for 3 weeks. She was like a breath of fresh air for the kids in the school. Look how happy everyone looks while clicking this selfie! These girls never missed a chance of having fun with their teacher and got immensely attached to her. Perhaps this is what we mean by unconditional love!


Beatriz Martinez Lozano came from Spain to Ghana after joining the Medical Volunteer Program in Tamale for 4 weeks. She aimed to understand the medical system of the country while treating the patients with utmost love and care. She also engaged herself in other works in the community. While sharing her experience with us, she said, “It’s been an amazing experience so far. I have already started going to the pediatric hospital. Fred’s family (the host) has integrated us in the Ghanaian culture, going to the market, having evening meals, cooking…Everything is fine at the moment, I am really happy and feeling really comfortable!”


Helen Green traveled from the United Kingdom to India and joined the Women Empowerment Project for 2 weeks. She contributed in her own way to improve the lives of underprivileged women in India. There was surely a language barrier between them, but emotions acted as the string of bond between the ladies.


Vivian Full joined the Orphanage Volunteering Program in Beijing, and she was one of the most enthusiastic volunteers we hosted in China, and she has been extremely kind not only in her approach towards the kids but also in coordinating with Volunteering Solutions. She showered the little ones with utmost love and care, spreading smiles amongst all.

It’s not just these few people – but we have hundreds of other inspiring stories of volunteers who truly defined ‘the meaning of love’.

If you are touched by these photos and wish to make an effort, then wait don’t any longer. Be a part of our journey – drop us a mail at [email protected] and start weaving the stories of love!

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