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“The soul is healed by being with children.”

― Fyodor Dostoyevsky.

These words are absolutely true and you’ll understand its deeper meaning once you’ve spent some quality time with children. Seeing the world through their innocent view and feeling the warmth of unconditional love is something that we otherwise miss out in our daily lives, where every action is motive driven and all we see is from a susceptive perspective. In a world where war and hatred have spread its wings successfully, being with children in some unknown part of the world will surely make you believe that good things still exist.

If you love to be with children and looking forward to spending some quality time with them while volunteering in Latin America, then check out these amazing and affordable opportunities that are provided by Volunteering Solutions.

Volunteer Projects in Peru


This beautiful country where the Incas once lived in the foothills of the Andes, Peru will never fail to mesmerize a traveler. There are 4 different volunteering projects in the city of Cusco where participants can work and be around children: Volunteering in a Day Care Centre, English Teaching Program, Teaching in a Kindergarten School and Volunteering for Disabled Children.

All the programs have a minimum duration of 1 week to a maximum duration of 24 weeks, and participants can choose as per their convenience. All the programs are designed in a manner, so as to give the participants ample scope to explore their skills and put them to use while engaging the kids in different kinds of activities.

While the English Teaching Program essentially focuses on improving the English skills of the students, all other programs mainly involve activity based learning. Volunteering for disabled children can actually be a bit challenging, but nonetheless, immensely satisfactory. Children from the age of 3 to 20 year old reside at the disabled care centers.

Anyone who’s 18-year-old or above can be a part of these volunteering projects with children in Peru.

“At the first, the placement was a challenging one with so many kids playing around but once you adapt, it gets very fulfilling activity. I felt my efforts get appreciated  and I had a great experience because there are so many kids and just one teacher, so they are always in need of our help. My host family, accommodation, and meals were great.  The in-country support staff and coordinators were good. The highlight of my volunteering experience was the second week when I felt that the kids were happy when I stayed with them, the smiles on their faces was an amazing feeling. So after two weeks in Cusco, I feel peace and harmony in my heart, I am so happy.”

– Karime Rios Piedrahita


Volunteering projects in Ecuador


The smallest South American nation houses the Amazonian rainforests and the breathtaking Andes, was named Ecuador since the ‘equator’ passes through this country dividing it into two parts, the majority of it falling in the Southern Hemisphere. The 3 most popular volunteering projects in Ecuador are – Child Care at a Children’s Hospital, Street Children Program, and Soccer Coaching at a Sports Club.

If you are a sports enthusiast and want to coach kids regarding how to play the game, then this Soccer Coaching Program would be perfect for you. This project aims to empower the boys between the age of 6 to 16 in the city of Quito. Participants can club this with English Teaching as well. The main objective of the project is to make the children more flexible and develop a healthy attitude towards the game, and life, in general.

To volunteer at the Children’s Hospital, you don’t need to be a medical or pre-med student, you just need to be caring and compassionate enough. Participants will have to take care of the sick and bedridden kids, tell them stories, and also assist the staff in carrying out the non-medical activities.

The kids residing at the Street Children Centre are either orphans or left alone by abusive kids, subjected to violence or escaped from home. There are nearly 250 kids who currently reside at this place. Volunteers have to shower these children with immense love and care, and show them the good things of life. Help them do their studies, teach them some extra-curricular activities like origami or painting or dancing, and also enlighten them about hygiene and sanitation.

The projects in Ecuador are available for a minimum duration of 2 weeks to a maximum of 24 weeks. All projects are located in safe areas and are affordable as well as exciting. And you can make the most of your weekends, by exploring the Amazon basin and the rainforests – what more can you ask for?

“I absolutely loved working at the orphanage. The nuns were wonderful and I truly feel it is a wonderful place for the kids. I would highly recommend this project to anyone. I do not want to leave. I definitely acquired a special relationship with many of the kids and working with them has made my life better as well.”

– Kimberly Ann Walters


Volunteering Projects in Costa Rica


Considered to be one of the happiest countries in the world, Costa Rica is a paradise for beach lovers and also for those who love solitude amidst lush forests. Childcare Volunteering Project and English Teaching Program are there, for those who wish to work with children in Costa Rica.

Participants joining the English Teaching Project mainly teach at the primary and middle schools in San Jose, as well as at community centers and orphanages. During the program, volunteers have the crucial role to assist the local teachers, help in planning and conducting their own lessons and teach the kids through activities and other interesting methods so as to make the learning interesting.

The volunteers at the Child Care Center have to take care of the little ones dwelling there – most of whom are homeless and malnourished. You need to take care of their diet, healthy living, as well as teach them about the basics of a good life. You’ll assist the staff in the managerial tasks as well. Laugh and play with the children – and you’ll live the best phase of your life.

The programs in Costa Rica are available from 1 week to 24 weeks and one can choose as per convenience. All the programs are meant for students and gap year travelers, and they are extremely fairly priced.

“The project was really awesome. I felt my experience was worthwhile and my efforts were appreciated at the project. My host family was very good and kind. Meals were Good! The in-country staff support is also good. The highlight of my whole experience was seeing how happy the children were at that place.”

– Kerstin Hanselmann

If you are eager to be a part of any of the volunteering projects mentioned above, then drop us a mail at [email protected]

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