On This International Women’s Day, Cheers To Our Amazing Women Volunteers


International Women’s Day, celebrated each year on March 8, is a day honoring women around the world. While every year, the aim to celebrate this day remains the same, the theme keeps changing. This year, the theme is #PressForProgress, and Volunteering Solutions feels happy to talk about all those courageous and beautiful women who stepped out of their comfort zones, to make a difference to the world.

We’ve been lucky to host thousands of female volunteers from different parts of the world, who joined our programs and shared love, care, warmth & happiness amongst the underprivileged ones. On this day, we would love to take the opportunity to thank all those compassionate ones out there, who cared enough to bring a change.

Here’s a glimpse of some of the amazing volunteers, who shared their experiences of volunteering with us.

Thanh Tú, from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, traveled to Nepal to spend some quality time with the kids at an orphanage. Not only did she made them laugh and shared happiness, she could feel the warmth from them as well and had an amazing experience. Here’s what she had to say about her experience:

Thanh Tú, from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

“I just returned from my 2 incredible weeks volunteering at the Orphanage in Nepal. I met nice people, new friends, and cute kids. The host and tour guide of my weekend trip are very friendly and enthusiastic. Thanks, Volunteering Solution for giving me the special experience. Highly recommend everyone should try doing International Volunteer works with Volsol!”


Francisca Peña from Colombia traveled with us in three countries – Thailand, Nepal, and Ghana, and here’s what she has to say about her volunteering journey:

Francisca Peña from Colombia

“I’ve been volunteering with Volunteering Solutions in Thailand, Nepal, and Ghana. In Thailand, I was in an elephant camp for two weeks and it was the best experience of all.

In Nepal, the experience was different but in turn very enriching and full of learning. And finally, Ghana can be considered as a unique and very beautiful experience for the work that I did to help the girls in school and the orphanage. The people there are very friendly and supportive.

My volunteer journey was an amazing experience that will remain in my memory forever – thanks to all the people who accompanied me and was there.”


Coti Visintini from Argentina has been one the most inspiring volunteers, who not only volunteered with us but also aimed to raise funds for the little children living in an orphanage in Kenya. “A life with love is a life that’s been lived” is what she feels and here’s what she had to say about her volunteering experience:

Francisca Peña from Colombia

“I spent a month volunteering at Makimei Children’s Home in Kenya, an orphanage where 68 babies live. I am very grateful to have come to this place, I’ll take the best memories of the children and their smiling faces. I got a lot of appreciation from the women who run the orphanage and that’s priceless. No doubt a part of me will stay back in this place ❤️ What an unforgettable experience! ❤️”


Iman Khan, from China, hugged the little ones with love and here’s what she had to say about her journey:

Iman Khan from China

“I decided to do the Orphanage Program in Nepal for a week with Volunteering Solutions. I’m a Kindergarten teacher in Shanghai and work with privileged kids. I wanted to experience what its like to be around underprivileged kids and also test how I would be able to handle it emotionally and physically. This whole adventure has been a truly an eye-opening experience. I can’t explain in words the emotions I went through as soon as I walked into the orphanage. I highly recommend everyone to volunteer and push their limits. It definitely makes you appreciate life. I would definitely volunteer more in the future. Volunteering Solutions was very professional in their speedy replies and they ensured that I was taken care and my experience was positive.”


Amy Blume from Los Angeles, USA, make the most of the 2 weeks that she had and here’s what she had to say about her experience:

Amy Blume from Los Angeles

“If you only have two weeks, make sure to maximize your stay by signing up for the “Two Week Special” as you will be able to see and do a ton! I am now thinking of signing up for another project in South America or Asia. Massive thanks for an incredible experience!”


Voula Argyropoulos from Canada chose to take her family for a service trip. She wanted her kids to know what it feels like to serve the ones of their age, and work as a team with the parents. Hence, she made plans for volunteering in Peru and here’s what she has to say about the journey she experienced:

Voula Argyropoulos from Canada

“A wonderful experience in Peru! Volunteered with my husband and 4 teenage children. We worked at a daycare and enjoyed every moment. The children were absolutely adorable and happy. We were able to build cribs for the babies and paint and refurbish all the chairs. Working with kids daily with arts and crafts and lessons of English was rewarding.
We were very pleased with the organization and the communication with Jenny and Sahil was constant throughout our time there. Our host family was incredible and made our stay comfortable and inviting. Mama Edith prepared the most amazing meals and was always very attentive.
We were thoroughly impressed with Volunteering Solutions as this was our first service trip, we would highly recommend this organization.”


Hannah Bonecutter from the United States traveled to India to volunteer and her experience touched us to the core. Here’s what Hannah had to say:

Hannah Bonecutter from the United State

“My time in Delhi, India, was nothing short of phenomenal. I sincerely loved every minute of it and was always learning something new, whether it be about the Indian culture, Hinduism religion, native wildlife, or Hindi language. I was in Delhi, India to teach street children, but in fact, those street children and the surrounding culture taught me. This ancient place, full of busy traffic and spice aromas, opened my eyes to a vastly different way of living and connecting with the world. My most exhilarating experiences in India include riding an elephant up the Amber Fort wall and feeding monkeys at the Monkey (or Sun) Temple! The experiences I had here will not only serve as fond memories of the past but will most importantly inspire me presently to continue to make positive impacts in the places that need it most.”

Women Make Better Volunteer Travelers for sure. If these lovely ladies have inspired you much, then what are you waiting for? Drop us a mail at [email protected] and join us to touch some lives.

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