6 Amazing Reasons To Volunteer In Vietnam In 2024

calendar_today November 14, 2021
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There is always a reason for anyone to travel to a destination. It can be the charm of that destination, a motive behind traveling there, or maybe just because few people on the internet say so. Similarly, there are reasons why one must visit Vietnam at least once in their lifetime.

But what I like to draw your attention to is, why Vietnam must be the top destination for your next volunteering trip.

volunteer in vietnam

1. Sites You Never Knew Could Be This Stellar

From the world-famous limestone karsts of Ha Long Bay to the picturesque valleys of Sapa and the white sandy beaches of Da Nang – Vietnam is dotted all over with astonishing locations and World Heritage Sites. No matter whether you’re strolling down the lanes in Saigon or volunteering with the little ones in Hanoi – you will find enough reasons to fall in love with the place.

2. One of the Most Hospitable People You Will Meet in Life

There is something with most of the Southeast Asian countries, as even in Vietnam, you would find people greeting you with full excitement and a broad smile on their faces. Although the people have been through the dark phases of war and bloodshed in the past, it is almost surprising to find a calm and content approach of the Vietnamese people towards life.

3. Great Option for Affordable Traveling Abroad

For those who look are for some great budget destinations to travel to, Vietnam is one of the best options, hands down. The country is a developing nation and its economy relies a lot on tourism, thus making it quite affordable to explore. What adds to it is the fact that if you choose to opt for a volunteering program, the stay and meals are covered under the program fee, which cuts down a major part of any travel expenditure.

4. Opportunity to Sip on One of the Best Coffees in the World

You would not even think about doubting the quality of coffee served in a country that happens to be the second-largest producer in the world. And what would be served to you is a delightful cup of freshly brewed coffee added with sweetened condensed milk – giving it a taste of a different level. 

5. Good Food

The Vietnamese cuisine will leave you drooling for more! When you are in Vietnam, you simply can’t avoid gorging on those delicious bowls of pho, Bahn mi, and whatnot! Needless to say, Vietnam has one of the best street-food scenes you will find anywhere in the world!

6. A Dark Past, a Developing Present, and a Hopeful Future

Even today, for many foreigners, Vietnam is remembered for its years of war and destruction. But when you travel to this country, you’ll realize how much things have changed now. The lifestyle is peaceful, the travel experience is safe, and the exploring opportunities are plenty. And with the help and support of volunteers like you, we can hope for a brighter future.

What can be more beautiful and enriching than volunteering in Vietnam? Considering the fact that it’s a developing country and there are several underprivileged people living a hard life, you can be a part of a noble cause and give your valuable time for their wellbeing. You can opt to volunteer for a childcare program and look after the little ones, showering them with utmost love and care, or join a teaching program and help the youth to polish their communicative skills. This will also help you gain first-hand work experience and boost your CV/Resume for your career in the days ahead.

Of course, you can take your time to plan a leisure trip to Vietnam and visit the destination anytime you want to. In case you need any sort while planning your volunteering trip to Vietnam, you can get in touch with our advisors at [email protected] – they’ll definitely guide you in the best possible way.

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