Know How VolSol Keeps You Safe While Volunteering Abroad


Volunteering in a different country abroad means working in a totally unknown environment. Of course, all volunteer travelers do a thorough research about the destination before leaving for the program, but the assurance for a safe sojourn still remains a concern.

While there are options for taking a volunteer travel abroad as an individual, what most of the gap year and other volunteer travelers opt for, however, is an authentic and experienced volunteer placement agency. The simple reason behind is that these agencies know everything about the destination as well as the program and have their local resources to ensure a smooth, safe, and comfortable trip for its volunteers.

Volunteering Solutions, an internationally acclaimed placement agency and a member of WYSE Work and Volunteer abroad, runs on the very same agenda; smooth, safe, and comfortable volunteering. And this is how VolSol ensures volunteer safety while they are volunteering abroad;

Complete background check of the host family

The volunteers are accommodated, at many of their program locations, with a local host family. The host family is selected after contemplating them on certain parameters by the local coordinator appointed by VolSol. And only after a thorough and satisfactory background check of the family, volunteers are placed there. In countries, where accommodation is provided in hostels/volunteer houses or within the project premises, regular safety checks are done and the safety of the locality is maintained.

Complete background check of the Local Coordinator

And before the assigned local project coordinator testifies a host family, their appointment is been done after a thorough verification and testimonies from local administrative authorities. VolSol makes sure that all of its appointed coordinators suffice the necessary and major parameters such as educational background, experience, criminal history, and so forth.

Complete background check of a Volunteer

And the verifications are not just confined to the in-house team of VolSol. Each and every volunteer who registers with Volunteering Solutions for any program at any destination is liable to submit the relevant and appropriate documents for authenticity and clear criminal background. Since the volunteers stay, travel, eat and work with each other for the entire program, it becomes utmost important to do a background check of each of them to ensure safety for the fellow volunteers as well as the receivers of the program (children, women, animals, etc.)

24-hour medical facility available

Be it a host family accommodation or a separate volunteer house, all accommodations have a proper first-aid kit for emergency situations. Also, in case of a severe health emergency, the local coordinator is always approachable who will make sure of safe and quick transfer to the nearest hospital.

Safe neighborhood for the accommodation

While for the host family accommodation a thorough background check is done, VolSol also takes into consideration the area in which the accommodation is located; and not just the host family accommodation but any of the volunteer houses. Also, many volunteer houses have a 24×7 security guard standing at the entrance of the house to ensure safe stay for the volunteers.

High quality of meals and clean water

Nutritious meals made from high quality of ingredients is provided at all our accommodations. Clean water is also made available. Volunteers are also advised to keep bottled drinking water with them at all times while volunteering abroad.

Full guidance and support to get a travel insurance

Getting a travel medical insurance before embarking on your journey is as important as any other aspect of traveling. Every volunteer traveling abroad for a volunteer program needs to have a travel medical insurance with them. Volunteering Solutions has collaborated with one of the eminent insurance companies with global presence called Seven Corners Inc. and provides complete support and guidance to its volunteers to get the insurance. All the paperwork is managed by the VolSol team and all a volunteer need to do is pay for the process and relax.

While taking up a volunteer project abroad, a volunteer is not only spending money but also their invaluable time at the project. Thus, it becomes a moral and ethical responsibility for the agency to make sure that the volunteers feel safe and secure while in a foreign country; VolSol always endeavors to achieve this. With Volunteering Solutions, you are always in safe hands!

Have any other query regarding safe volunteering abroad? Ask us in the comment box and our team of experts will be happy to resolve it.


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