Top 10 Countries For Short Term Volunteering Abroad in 2024 – 2025

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One would surely counter the idea of learning about a country in a fortnight, and rightly so. After all, it is just not possible to understand a nation, which has been established and been growing for centuries, in just a couple of weeks. But who said you cannot brush through its history, have a quick peek into the lifestyle, and live like a native for a jiffy?

Volunteering Solutions has curated a bunch of amazing opportunities for enthusiastic volunteers facing time constraints yet yearning to make a difference abroad. The 2 Weeks Special Volunteer & Travel Program offered by VolSol strikes the perfect balance between volunteering work and exploring the most iconic places in the chosen country.

In a span of just 14 days, participants can engage in meaningful endeavors for the benefit of the underprivileged locals – living with them, understanding their lives, and offering assistance in any way possible. This immersive experience includes indulging in the local culture, savoring regional cuisine, and exploring the country alongside our coordinator who will provide insights into its rich tapestry.

Here’s the List of the 10 Countries Where You Can Choose to Go for Short Term Volunteering Abroad in 2024 – 2025:

  1. Ghana 2 Weeks Special Program
  2. South Africa  2 Weeks Special Program
  3. India 2 Weeks Special Program – New Delhi
  4. Thailand 2 Weeks Special Voluntour
  5. Peru 2 Weeks Special Volunteer & Travel Program
  6. Kenya 2 Weeks Special Voluntour
  7. Nepal 2 Weeks Special Volunteer & Travel Program
  8. Costa Rica 2 Weeks Special Volunteer Program
  9. Uganda 2 Weeks Special Volunteer Program
  10. Tanzania 2 Weeks Special Volunteer Program

So are you ready to go out and explore your dream destination, which you’ve been planning to visit since forever?

1. Ghana 2 Weeks Special Program

Ghana 2 Weeks Special

Ghana, popularly known as the “Gateway to West Africa”, has more to offer a visitor than one can ever imagine! Volunteers opting for the 2-Week Special Volunteer & Travel Program will work for the betterment of the female children by motivating them and providing them basic lessons in English and maths, as well as telling them how to live a healthy & hygienic life.

The work schedule varies from time to time. However, volunteers need to dedicate 6-7 hours a day from Monday to Friday at these learning centers. In these few days, you can actually make an impact in the lives of these girls and help them to dream of a better future. During these two weeks, you’ll get ample scope to spend time with the locals living in Tamale and its outskirts and learn more about the traditions, customs, and culture of a typical Ghanaian community.


  • Volunteer work for the girls education project in a local Ghanaian school
  • Visit the Monkey Sanctuary or the amazing Kintampo Falls
  • Go for a thrilling safari at Mole National Park and enjoy a great wildlife experience
  • Meet some amazing people during your journey

2. South Africa  2 Weeks Special Program

South Africa 2 Weeks Special

We offer an amazing and adventurous 2-Weeks Special Volunteer and Travel Program in the bustling and scenic city of Cape Town. As a volunteer, one can choose to work in the Childcare program or the Teaching program. No matter which project you join, that’ll surely keep you occupied throughout the weekdays and for those who love to spend time with children, it’ll be an absolute treat!

Weekends are absolutely free for the volunteers and can be utilized to explore the town. We’ll also arrange for an electrifying trip over a weekend to Sedgefield where you’ll get to go for a thrilling Safari & Elephant Encounter! You’ll be going for a road trip via Route 62 and Oudtshoorn – experiencing the goodness of wildlife encounters and also visiting the Cango Caves. Rest assured, it’ll be an action-packed 2 weeks that you’ll cherish for your life.


  • Volunteer with children in a township in Hout Bay, Cape Town
  • Stay with other volunteers in the Sea Point area of Cape Town
  • Explore South Africa, visit the picturesque beaches & go for a hike to the Table Mountains
  • Experience the thrill of a wildlife safari and spot the Big 5
  • A fun-filled road trip with like-minded travelers

3. India 2 Weeks Special Program – New Delhi

volunteer travel in India

Exploring all that India has to offer in a lifetime is deemed impossible, making it evident that two weeks will merely scratch the surface of your travel bucket list. But if you’ve been thinking of volunteering in India, then this 2-Week Special Volunteer Program with Volunteering Solutions will give you ample scope to indulge in meaningful work while also delving into the rich historical and cultural sites of Delhi and Agra.

Tailored for those with time constraints yet aspiring to contribute abroad, this program is ideal for high school/college students, backpackers, and gap year travelers. Immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of India, connect with like-minded travelers from around the globe, and acquire invaluable work experience firsthand.


  • Get to know about the culture and lifestyle of the people in India
  • Explore some of the most popular historical sites, including the Taj Mahal
  • Volunteer with children at a local childcare center and make a difference in the lives of the little ones
  • Create a fun-filled, colorful, and happy environment for the children through songs, stories, and other creative activities
  • Boost your resume/CV with first-hand work experience in India

4. Thailand 2 Weeks Special Voluntour

volunteer at an elephant village in Chiang Mai

Embark on an extraordinary 2 Weeks Special Volunteer Program, brimming not only with meaningful contributions but also with exciting adventures. Immerse yourself in the wonders of Thailand like never before, unraveling the secrets of Bangkok during a comprehensive 2-week tour.

Travel to Chiang Mai to experience the joy of volunteering for animals, bask in the warmth of affection and partake in enjoyable activities. Continue the adventure to Phuket, unwinding by the picturesque beaches and connecting with spirited individuals from diverse corners of the world. Undoubtedly, this stands as one of the premier volunteer adventure programs in Thailand, promising to be a transformative journey of a lifetime!


  • Immerse yourself in the authentic Thai culture
  • Spend quality time with the elephants and the mahouts in Chiang Mai
  • Explore the beauty of the ancient temples in Northern Thailand
  • Relax, detox, and get tanned on the beaches in Phuket
  • Go kayaking and get some Insta-worthy photos
  • Meet some like-minded people from different parts of the world

5. Peru 2 Weeks Special Volunteer & Travel Program

Peru volunteer abroad program

If you have been postponing your trip to Peru due to the shortage of time, then we think we can help you out! Designed especially for those who wish to explore this beautiful Latin American country differently, this 2 Weeks Special Voluntour will take you down the lanes of history, give you a chance to know the Peruvians more closely, and do something meaningful for the local children in Cusco, while volunteering.

You’ll get to work in the rural nursery school attended by kids belonging to marginalized communities. And of course, how can you miss a trip to Machu Picchu while you are there! Go for a guided tour, hike up the trails and explore the Sacred Valley.


  • Immerse yourself in the culture and interact with the locals to learn about their rich traditions
  • Volunteer to provide support in developing and bringing a positive change in the lives of little children
  • Enjoy your adventure trip all the way to the famous Machu Picchu
  • Get the opportunity to explore the Sacred Valley

6. Kenya 2 Weeks Special Voluntour

kenya 2 weeks special

If you are a wildlife enthusiast, then probably Kenya is there at the top of your checklist. Well, who wouldn’t want to spend a couple of weeks in this beautiful country that hosts the African Big 5?

In a span of 2 weeks, you’ll be volunteering at an orphanage in Nairobi, spending your time with adorable little ones, showering them with love & care. You’ll get to visit the Giraffe Manor on the outskirts of the city and also go for wildlife safaris in Maasai Mara Game Reserve. Savor the taste of authentic Kenyan cuisine, and explore this part of Africa in the most unconventional manner.


  • Volunteer at an orphanage and make a difference in the lives of the kids
  • Visit the amazing Masai Mara village and meet the tribal folks
  • Experience the thrill of wildlife safaris and game drives in the jungles of Kenya
  • Get an opportunity to spot the Big 5
  • Visit the Bomas of Kenya and the Mamba village

7. Nepal 2 Weeks Special Volunteer & Travel Program

volunteer programs in Nepal

Are you a backpacker looking for a budget trip abroad? You’ll be happy to know that this Himalayan nation, housing 8 of the world’s highest mountain peaks, including Mt. Everest, has been marked as ‘The Most Budget-Friendly Destination’ of 2017 by the Lonely Planet.

Yes, we are talking about Nepal, the birthplace of Lord Buddha!

While you can spend months exploring the nooks and corners of Nepal, it’ll be a good option to choose the 2 Weeks Special Program if you don’t have much time in hand. As a volunteer, you’ll be working with children, teaching them basic English & Maths. Sometimes, volunteers also get to work at the orphanages in Kathmandu. You’ll get to travel to picturesque Himalayan towns of Nagarkot and Bhaktapur, and also spend a couple of days in Pokhara, on the banks of Lake Phewa.


  • Volunteer with underprivileged children in Kathmandu and spread some happiness
  • Experience a typical Nepalese lifestyle and learn about their culture and traditions
  • Enjoy the view of the great Himalayas at the backdrop of your place of accommodation
  • Go on a weekend trip to Pokhara
  • See amazing sunrise in Nagarkot and visit ancient temples in Bhaktapur

8. Costa Rica 2 Weeks Special Volunteer Program


This is your perfect opportunity to explore the enchanting country of Costa Rica, to discover all that the ‘Land of Ticos’ has to offer! Curated for students seeking an experiential learning journey, as well as for backpackers and travelers eager to make a positive impact while exploring Costa Rica, this program is undoubtedly the best option for everyone.

Contribute to the community by working at a local kitchen, where tasks include preparing food, maintaining cleanliness, washing dishes, and sharing meals with children and adults who may rely on this NGO for their daily sustenance. Embrace responsible travel by engaging in beach cleaning activities to protect the environment. Amidst these meaningful experiences, there will also be ample time to explore and elevate your adrenaline levels, whether it’s navigating the canopy or immersing yourself in the refreshing surroundings!


  • Extraordinary opportunity to embrace the wonders of Mother Nature in Santa Barbara
  • Engage in the Beach Conservation and Restoration Project
  • Get an amazing opportunity to hike on a trail to the beautiful Botos Lagoon
  • Meaningful volunteering experience alongside professionals

9. Uganda 2 Weeks Special Volunteer Program

volunteer in uganda

If you’re looking to experience offbeat Africa, then Uganda is the place for you! Embark on a journey to explore Uganda’s diverse landscapes, from the lush rainforests to the majestic savannas, revealing a tapestry of natural wonders and vibrant cultures. And now, Volunteering Solutions has an amazing and affordable 2-week Special Program, being a part of which, you’ll get to actively contribute towards the lives of the people as well as gain first-hand work experience.

As a volunteer, you’ll serve as a Teaching Assistant, contributing to the improvement of education quality for vulnerable learners in a rural school. Beyond academics, we aim to provide love and care to the students, as some may not experience it in their homes. Your role involves supporting the teaching of English, Mathematics, or languages to create a nurturing educational environment.


  • Become a volunteer and make a difference by teaching underprivileged children in Uganda
  • Contribute to a rural community while exploring the country’s wilderness on weekends
  • Experience an exhilarating weekend safari at Lake Mburo National Park
  • Get to make friends from different parts of the world, and explore Uganda like never before!

10. Tanzania 2 Weeks Special Volunteer Program

Corporate Volunteering volunteer abroad tips

Explore the safari haven of Africa, home to the Big 5 (elephant, lion, leopard, buffalo, rhino), and experience the thrill of camping amidst the wilderness, while volunteering in Tanzania. Over 14 days, connect with fascinating and like-minded travelers worldwide, contribute to underprivileged communities in and around Arusha, and expand your social circle.

This program is ideal for high school/college students seeking a short yet enriching volunteer experience abroad. Embark on a unique exploration of Tanzania, creating memories that will last a lifetime.


  • Make a difference in the lives of the underprivileged people while gaining valuable international work experience
  • Soak in the wilderness and experience the thrilling African gamedrives during your free time
  • Immerse yourself in learning about the culture and lifestyle of the indigenous people

For more details about the projects, you can drop us a mail at [email protected] and our Program Experts will get back to you soon! In the meanwhile, you can follow us on Instagram for some inspiration and know what our volunteers are up to!

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