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A healthy body is the key to a healthy mind; we all are acquaint to this. Many physicians suggest that a minimum of 60 minutes of physical activity must be carried out by children to have a fit body and avoid falling prey to the chances of having any cardio-vascular diseases as they grow. This calls for a keen requirement of spreading awareness in children about the importance of carrying out regular physical activity. And what better physical activity can there be than a nice sport session on ground, in open, with fresh air.

Volunteering Solutions provide projects in Sports Development, where volunteers can mentor children in various sports activities. Here are the top picks:

Ghana: Football coaching

Football is the national sport of Ghana, which clearly signifies its importance in the country. Volunteers can be of a great help to the coaches appointed in local schools in Ghana, by assisting them during sports periods.

Sports coaching in Ghana with volunteering solutions

Project Location  :    Tamale

Responsibilities    :   Assisting the in-house coach, organizing matches for students, build up skills in students.

Cost                         :   Starts from $395 for one week to $1020 for 2 months ($150 for extra weeks)


South Africa: Sports Development Program

This is a very unique and interesting combination of teaching about sports at, both, on ground and off ground. While on ground training sessions might take place only twice or thrice a week, depending upon the time-table of the students, the rest of the days can be utilized to conduct lectures on sports activities and its benefits.


Project Location   :    Cape Town

Responsibilities    :    Assist in-house teachers/coach, encourage more and more students to participate in sports activities, conduct different sport events for students, and provide lessons on different sports.

Cost                         :    Starts from $300 for one week to $1200 for 2 months ($150 for every extra week)


Ecuador: Soccer Coaching at Sports Club

As the name suggests, under this program, volunteers can teach soccer to the youngsters (mostly in the age bracket of 10-16 years) at a local sports club. This is a great practice to motivate the local youth community to involve into more and more physical activities, which can also help dearly in future career perspectives.


Project Location    :    Quito

Responsibilities     :    Prepare soccer training module, Teach and assist in training, Develop team assignments, proactive in providing medical support if need be.

Cost                          :    Starts from $400 for one week to $1270 for 2 months ($175 for every extra week)



Today, sport (be it any) industry has evolved into a huge career segment. Children under the sports coaching volunteering projects come from a lower income class, and honing their skills in one or the other sport can provide a great shape to their future; both career wise and health wise. To know more on how to enter any of these volunteer programs, get in touch with our program adviser TODAY at [email protected] and book your slot now.


Note: It is not compulsory for someone to have a certificate in Physical Training subject to enter any of these projects. All they need to have is interest in the respective sport and prior experience in the same.

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