Why Should You Volunteer Abroad With Volunteering Solutions?


“You make a living by what you get. You make a life by what you give.” ~ Winston Churchill.

The true value of these words can only be understood if we all, at some point in our lives, decide to act selflessly and contribute towards someone else’s well being. While the concept of local charity work and community volunteering has prevailed for ages, the new millennium has introduced us to a much broader idea of volunteering abroad, which is surely the best way to not just travel overseas, but also do something worthwhile for the country that one is visiting.

Until last year, even I wouldn’t have realized truly how it feels to volunteer for those who don’t understand my language or are not connected to me in any way – but my volunteer trip to Kenya and the time I got to spend with the little ones at Makimei, changed my way of looking at life and helped me to believe that we all have the potential to bring a change, only if we wish to do so.

Volunteering Solutions (VolSol) has been operating since 2007 and tries to make this important decision is a person’s life easier and memorable. While there are several organizations offering volunteering opportunities, Vol Sol aims to make this journey unique and experiential for the volunteer and ensures that both the giver & the receiver is equally benefitted from this endeavor.

Volunteer in kenya

No matter whether you’re a student looking for a meaningful Summer Break abroad or a gap year traveler, keen to gain some first-hand work experience while you’re on a journey of self-discovery – we’d help you to find the best program that suits your interests and ensure that by the end of the journey, you’re happy to be a part of what you’ve chosen for yourself. Volunteering Solutions has nearly 200+ volunteering and internship programs ranging from Child Care, Teaching, Medical and Healthcare, Community Development, Marine Conservation, Women Empowerment, Food Waste Management and much more. Currently operating in 25 countries across the world, we’ve happily hosted more than 14,500 volunteers.

If you’re still not convinced and wondering why you should volunteer abroad with Volunteering Solutions, check out the reasons below.

1. Nominal Registration Fees

We have one of the lowest registration fees and are completely transparent about our refund policies. We accept the application and ensure that we can offer you a spot in your preferred program and the Registration Fee is valid for one full year from the date of your first application, which makes it easier to book and travel with us, at any time of the year. You can choose to take multiple trips and will not have to pay the application fees again.

For volunteers who return to join for another program with us, after a year’s period, we try & offer great discounts ‘coz we always appreciate your eagerness to make a difference in the lives of those who need it.

2. Updated and Detailed Brochures

Vol Sol has dedicated brochures for all its destinations & programs, which contains all relevant information and is very useful for your offline reference. You can download the brochure of your choice of country and get access to all the information that you need, at your fingertips. Other than that, our Program Advisors are available to assist you in planning your trip and guide you in the best possible manner, so that you can have an incredible experience abroad.

Join A Group Volunteering

3. Access To ‘My Account’

Upon the payment of your application fee, your ‘My Account’ is activated where you can get all sorts of personalized assistance. You can view your trip details, access an extensive pre-departure information kit and some awesome ‘Add On Trips’ suggestions so that you can go out and explore the host country during your free time.

4. Pre-Departure Information Guidebook

All volunteers are provided with an extensive and informative Pre-Departure Information Guidebook that comprises of all the details regarding the trip – location details, volunteer work schedule, transportation information, contact details of the In-country Coordinator, as well as the safety precautions which should be followed.

5. Incredibly Affordable Projects

We have a wide range of meaningful & affordable volunteering programs & internship opportunities, that too without any compromise on the quality of facilities. We ensure to provide you a ‘home away from home’ accommodation, healthy meals and project safety are some of our prime concerns.

6. Responsive Pre & Post-Sale Customer Service

From the time you drop us your questions until the time you return home from your volunteer trip, we will make sure that you face no difficulty in your volunteering stint. The project coordinators, project advisors, and the management team will ensure that all your requirements are taken care of and you get the best experience to cherish for a lifetime.

7. Dedicated & Active Facebook Community

We have an active Facebook Community which is a great platform to interact with people who have either been on a volunteering trip or are going for a trip. You can ask questions upfront, take honest reviews and start making friends even before you begin the journey. Can there be a better way to start?

Journalism Internship in Chiang Mai

8. 24/7 In-Country Assistance

When you finally take the plunge and reach your volunteering destination, our dedicated In-Country Team will make sure that you do not get any major culture shock or face any other problem. Your safety and comfort are taken care of, by the iN-Country Support Team which will at your dispense whenever you need them. Especially for young volunteers, the assistance team is a big relief for concerned parents who worry about their young adults going abroad, all by themselves.

9. Amazing Discounts For Group Volunteers

Ideal for families, student groups & corporate teams, our group discounts are too good to be true! We can also provide you with customized itineraries in all our destinations so that you and your folks can have the best time, working together! How about convincing your people to join us for a group volunteer trip?

10. Certificate of Program Completion

A volunteering experience can be extremely beneficial for your career and act as a milestone in certain cases. Over the years, the value of international work exposure has increased manifolds and on today’s date, employers are more keen to hire someone who has done some sort of valuable work before. While your skills and talent will speak for itself, Vol Sol will provide you with a Certificate, acknowledging the fact that you’ve worked with us.

11. Value to Feedback

We give the utmost value to your feedbacks and try every bit to improve further. Maintaining positive reviews from a maximum of our volunteers, we make sure that we take your feedback seriously and strive to reach excellence in our services. You can read about our past volunteers’ reviews on our Facebook Page as well as on TrustSpot.

In case you’ve been contemplating about taking a break to volunteer abroad, then now is the time to Sign Up 🙂 You can write to us at [email protected] and our Program Advisors will soon get back to you! 

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