Sports Coaching Volunteer Programs

Volunteer for the Sports Coaching Programs with Volunteering Solutions and provide professional advice on fitness and training of sports to children in developing countries. None can deny the fact that sports have become an essential part of everyone's life. Depending on your personal preferences, background, and areas of interests, you could commit to an exclusively sports coaching placement or you could combine sports coaching with teaching subjects such as English, Maths, Music, Painting etc.

To make it clear, let us tell you that you need not be a pro-player in order to join the Sports Coaching Volunteering Programs. All you need is to be enthusiastic enough to encourage the kids and youth to learn a game and be active in life. This program is available in Ecuador, Brazil, Ghana & South Africa. While the focus is mostly on Soccer, you can choose any other game like Cricket, Basketball etc., and train the children. You can also guide them to follow healthy habits, and how to achieve fitness.

The program is available throughout the whole year, with flexible start dates and program duration. Volunteers can choose to volunteer for minimum up-to one week to six months under these programs.

Sports Coaching Volunteer Abroad Project

Soccer Coaching Volunteer Program in Ecuador

Soccer Coaching at Sports Club

This project aims to empower the local youth of Quito through Soccer. As the name suggests, volunteers under this project have to train the...

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Sports Volunteering in Ghana | Football Coaching

Football Coaching

Ghana's national sport is Football and the country's interest in the game is at an all time high given the successful performance of the team in...

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Volunteer Sports Coaching in South Africa

Sports Development Program

The Sports Development Program aims to give sports training as well as life skills such as team work and endurance to students and youth from...

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Youth Athletic Volunteer Program in Brazil

Youth Athletic Program

If you are sports lover and feel the zeal to coach the youth and students, then you can join the Youth Athletic Program and help to educate the...

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