23Jul 2015

Top 5 Destinations For An Adventurous Volunteering Travel

Volunteering abroad is one way that is significantly transforming the course of traveling abroad by clubbing adventure excursions with humanitarian work abroad.While some like to trek their way up to the pinnacles, others like to explore the depth of blue oceans. But then there is always a set of travelers who crave for both. Here […]

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6May 2015

10 Qualities That Make You A Great International Volunteer

The trend of adding volunteer work to a travel expedition abroad has been seen pacing up in the recent years. And, then there is a particular set of volunteers for whom the main purpose of travelling abroad is for a volunteer work only; exploring the region is an additional benefit. However, it is definitely not […]

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17Mar 2015

10 Quotes On Volunteering Abroad By Famous Personalities

There was a time when social work or volunteer work was confined to a particular region and was executed by a set of well established natives. Today, however, volunteering has crossed borders and people have started taking up volunteer travelling during their gap year or sabbatical period. But, it is not just now that this […]

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9Feb 2015

Are You A Volunteer Or A Smart Volunteer – Infographic

So you have decided to go for a volunteering stint this gap year, and are all excited about it. But are you aware of the kind of volunteering expedition you are going for? Yes! there are “two kinds” of volunteers in this world; confused? check out yourself and decide….. which one are you?   So, […]

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9Jan 2015

Things To Do in Asia While Volunteering

Not only is it a huge ask to define and describe Asia, the largest and expectedly the most visited continent in the world, in some hundred scribed words, but also is unjustified.  With over 50 countries covering around 8.7% of earth’s surface area, and a gigantic population of around 4.4 billion people, Asia is a […]

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7Jan 2015

Things To Do In China While Volunteering

China, Oh wait!!! The People’s Republic of China (that’s what it is officially known as), the world’s most populated nation, the largest and most complex economies in the world, homeland to vibrant lifestyle and amazing views crafted by nature; the definition is clear I hope. Though it’s one of the booming economies in the world, […]

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