16Sep 2020

Las tendencias turísticas post COVID-19: Todo lo que necesitas saber 

Los últimos meses han supuesto varios desafíos globales, afectando a la industria del turismo y la hostelería gravemente. Las fronteras de los países se han sellado. Las ciudades están paralizadas. Los vuelos, en su mayoría, suspendidos. Los cruceros, atracados en en puerto. Los trenes de todo el mundo estacionados. Los autobuses no circulan. Los hoteles, […]

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1Sep 2020

¿Por qué deberías realizar un voluntariado en Europa en 2021?

A mucha gente, las primeras imágenes que le vienen a la mente cuando piensan en programas de voluntariado en el extranjero, son de niños huérfanos en algún país africano, o de comunidades desfavorecidas del sudeste asiático. Sin duda, estas regiones necesitan mucha atención, pero incluso en las partes desarrolladas del mundo, como en los países […]

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18Aug 2020

What Makes You An Amazing International Volunteer?

The trend of adding volunteer work to a travel expedition abroad has been seen pacing up in recent years. And, then there’s one set of enthusiastic travelers for whom the main purpose is to volunteer abroad for a meaningful cause while exploring the destination. However, it is definitely not that easy to be such a […]

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25May 2020

The Post-COVID-19 Tourism Trends: Here’s All We Need To Know

The last couple of months have imposed several global challenges, affecting the tourism and hospitality industry in the worst possible ways. Country borders have been sealed. Cities are at stand-still. Flights are mostly grounded. Cruise ships are docked in harbors. Trains across the world are stationary. Buses are not plying. Hotels are shut. Restaurants are […]

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18Jun 2019

13 Best Volunteer Vacations Abroad For 2021

In today’s date, people are growing to be more sensible and opting to set out for ‘Responsible Tours’ rather than just a relaxing holiday! Undoubtedly, volunteering vacations are being a thing – and it’s all for good. Many backpackers, couples, families, gap year travelers, solo explorers, and vagabonds have started adding volunteer work to their […]

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23May 2017

Quiz: Are You An Old School Traveler?

Have you ever wondered what kind of a traveler you are? The size of your luggage and the modes of transport you take while traveling can largely define your traveling style. Each one us has a different perception about our journey and whatever we do, helps us in creating memories. While some likes to click […]

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27Mar 2017

5 Things You Need To Know Before Volunteering Abroad

In the past decade, there has been a rapid growth in the number of volunteers traveling all across the world in order to make some meaningful contribution towards the underprivileged societies in the weaker economic regions. Are you also thinking of volunteering abroad? If your answer is ‘Yes’, then there are certain things that you […]

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5Dec 2016

15 Essential Things To Pack While Traveling Abroad To Volunteer

While the excitement of traveling abroad to volunteer will keep you on your toes, you need to do  mindful planning about packing the stuff before setting out for your journey. While certain things would be available at your destination, it is advisable to not take a risk and carry things from home. The trick is […]

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