Things To Do in Cape Town-South Africa While Volunteering

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The second biggest city in South Africa is a breath of fresh air, literally and figuratively. It is rare to be in a major city and yet find so many quality outdoor activity opportunities. Cape Town is a city that is still developing, it has extreme poverty on one hand and is a great traveler’s attraction on the other.

While volunteering in or around the city, the capital of western South Africa makes a great weekend or day trip with many attractions worth exploring. Volunteer in Cape Town and get to see a beautiful and city along with the good work that you’re doing.

1. Robben Island

In December 2013, the world mourned the passing of a great man: Nelson Mandela. He was imprisoned on this island just off the shore of Cape Town for 18 years. The prison has now been turned into a museum documenting the injustices the country had to go through before finding the balance it puts forth today.


2. Table Mountain

The Table Mountain is a spot that simply cannot be missed. It is a major tourist attraction in the city where people hike to the top or use the cableway. Both these experiences are unique and assure one of an exhilarating time. Take your friends or fellow volunteers along and spend some fun time in your spare time from volunteering.

Table mountain cape town

3. Lion’s Head

Lion’s Head is well known for its breath-taking views of the Mother City and Table Bay on one side, and the Atlantic shoreline on the other. This place is truly worth the hour-long walk to the top. Add a little mystery to the walk by tackling it during full moon and be rewarded with a glittering view of Cape Town by night.

Lion's head cape town

4. Museums

Adderley Street is also known as Museum Mile as many historical monuments line the pedestrian Government Avenue. The National Gallery and the Iziko Slave Lodge are possibly the two most interesting buildings on the street. A walk on this street is a great way to explore the South African Culture.

Museums in Cape town south africa

5. Hit the Beach

Beaches surround Cape Town; some offer plenty of water sports while others are friendlier for sunbathing and swimming. Beta Beach is just 10 minutes from downtown and the large boulders are great for tanning or go into the water for a swim.


6. Go Visit The Penguins

In Simon’s Town at the western flank of the Cape, Boulder Beach is home to Penguin Colony. A free walk along the boardwalk will let you watch them as they go about their daily life of swimming, playing peek-a-boo with one another or standing around and braying.

Visit penguin in cape town

7. The Rhythm of the Cape

Jazz music is deeply rooted in the culture of Cape Town. Cape Jazz incorporates African beats and instruments. It was developed as artists found inspiration in their struggles during apartheid. There are many Jazz clubs sprinkled all over the city with live acts entertaining the patrons every night. In March, the city also hosts its yearly International Jazz Festival and in January is the annual Jazzathon.

Jazz music in Cape town

8. Hang Out Like A Local

The best part about Volunteering and traveling in Cape Town is that you get the opportunity to hang out like a local. Explore the beaches one day, and take a walk along the streets of Cape Town on the other. Explore art galleries, book shops, science centers, city centers and farm villages – you can never fall short of activities in Cape Town and should make the most of your trip there.

Things To Do in Cape Town

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