Things To Do in Arusha, Tanzania

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Tanzania is a popular Voluntouring spot for aspiring volunteers across the world. VolSol offers plethora of volunteering opportunities in Tanzania and apart from the regular volunteering, the destination has a jillion of activities on offer for travel and nature enthusiasts. One of the best Safari destinations in the world and home to some of Africa’s well-known natural wonders such as Lake Victoria, Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Meru, Serengeti and the tropical island of Zanzibar, a volunteer in Tanzania can never fall short of activities to take up in the spare time that they get while volunteering. The VolSol team has researched extensively in the area and has gathered a lot of information on the Best Things to do in Tanzania while Volunteering.

Things to do in Tanzania

Which All Activities to take up in Arusha, Tanzania?

Tanzania is a land that has the power to mesmerize and fascinate its visitors with its enthralling natural beauty and picturesque surroundings. Pick your favorite amongst the following or make time to take up all the activities mentioned below.

  1. Watch the thundering waterfalls of Mt. Meru and Mt. Kilimanjaro
  2. Visit the beautiful Kikuletwa Hot Springs
  3. Visit the Nilotic Tribe in the Masai Village of Tanzania
  4. Visit the Idyllic Coffee Farms in Arusha
  5. Visit the eye-soothing and beautiful Lake Duluti, a 10 minute drive from Arusha
  6. Catch up a movie the Njiro Movie Complex, Arusha
  7. Visit the Natural History Museum of Arusha

Where to go souvenir shopping?

Visit the Maasai Market in Arusha and grab some locally produced souvenirs. You could pick handicraft made up of ebony, redwood and some beautiful paintings from the market. Other destinations for shopping enthusiasts include the cultural heritage center in the city.

Where to Indulge in Some Fine Gluttony?

The Tanzanian food is known for its fine taste and the country can be a foodie’s delight. The food in the country is both delicious and unique. Famous delicacies include maandazi (fried dough), isheti, kashata, kebab (kabaab), samosa (sambusa), mkate wa kumimina (Zanzibar rice bread), vileja, vitumbua (rice patties), bagia, and many others. To try some local cuisines or eat delicacies from across the globe, the following restaurants are recommended.

Masai Cafe – This place has the Pizzas to swear by!
Africafe, FiFi, Green Hut and Via Via are the eateries that offer tasty, affordable food along with Free Wi-Fi.
Khan’s BBQ, Mexican Restaurant, Yaz’s Bistro and the Italian Ice cream Hut are also popular joints amongst foodies in Arusha

Unwind at a Weekend Party

After a week hard’s work, unwind during the weekends and party at any of the below mentioned places. Partying will also help you interact with the locals, make friends with the fellow volunteers and get to know the city, better.

  1. Make your own BBQ Party – What’s better than a party in-house? Ask your project coordinator to give you some quick tips on arranging your own BBQ party inside the volunteer house.
  2. Masai Camp – A Beautiful and fun place for party junkies
  3. Empire – An affordable and fun place to party in.
  4. Via Via – Party Hard as you enjoy free Wi-Fi at Via Via. A place that gives you a homey and African feel, this place must be visited at least once.
  5. Mango Tree – Unlimited Wi-Fi, Pool and Dart Table, Assorted Delicacies coupled with brewed beer, you cannot not party here when in Arusha.
  6. Club D – Experience the thrill of the Tanzanian Nightlife and visit Club D while voluntouring in Arusha.

PS : It is advised to the volunteers to not head alone at night for drinks. However, if you are looking to grab a quick bottle of beer, places like Kilimanjaro, Serengeti, Ndovo and the Tanzanite Bar are recommended.

Stack your Food Bucket at these places

To cater to your hunger while busy volunteering during weekdays, you could visit the following places:

  1. Shoprite Store
  2. Supermarket at Njiro Complex
  3. Mini Supermarket near the Clock Tower

With the above list at hand, we are sure that you’ll find plenty things to do, places to visit and explore while you’re volunteering in Arusha, Tanzania. The project coordinators, too will give you quick tips on how to make the most of your volunteering in Tanzania – Be it Shopping, eating out, partying or exploring Tanzania, in a typical Tanzanian way. Feel free to add your own suggestions if you or someone you know has been to Tanzania.

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