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The land of exotic beaches, beautiful Buddhist temples and delectable cuisines, Thailand is a must visit for a travel enthusiasts and food zealots. One can indulge in adventure activities, spiritual nourishment, shopping, spa, temple hopping to Voluntouring in Thailand. Revitalize your senses and take a trip to Thailand but before that check out our quick list on things to do in the Thai paradise.

1. Explore picturesque locations in Thailand

Thailand is home to a whopping 400 temples and it is a must to treat one’s visual and spiritual senses and visit at least a couple of them. Spend a quiet evening at one of the temples and experience the true Thai spirit. Wat Phra Kaew, Wat Nong Bua, Wat Saket Nakhon Pathom Temple , Wat Arun and Loha Prasat are some of the well known temples that deserve a visit.

Thailand Temple

2. Shopping Paradise

Thailand will call for plenty of shopping indulgence with over 5000 permanent vendors and many more street hawkers in The Chatuchak Market that is one of the biggest in the world. Get prepared for sleepless nights as  Night Bazaars like Chiang Mai, Asiatique, Khaosan Shopping are also popular in the country.

The floating markets of the exotic Thailand cannot simply be missed as it is one of the most exhilarating experiences for tourists. Don’t forget to visit hotspots like Taling Chan Market, Bang Khu  Wiang and Tha Kha.


3. What to buy ?

The Chatuchak market offers everything from antiques, home decor, accessories to plants and gardening. Trendy budget clothing is very popular amongst tourists in Bangkok. Souvenirs like ko?hn masks and old-school Thai toys, Thai musical instruments including flutes, whistles, drums and CD’s of classical thai music are popular options for travelers.


4. Indulge in sinful gluttony

Sticky rice with grilled chicken, Thai pork satay, delectable soups like the Tom Yum Goong (Hot and sour prawn soup) and the Tom Ka Yai (Chicken Coconut Soup) should be definitely tried in Thailand. Exotic seafood and traditional thai fruits are a major attraction amongst foodies.

thai food

5. Make your travel meaningful, volunteer

Voluntourism is a good option to exercise in Thailand since travel can always be more than just leisure. Working with the localities as you immerse in their culture and volunteer for the havenots of the country.

Thailand is a beautiful country which is still developing and that makes it a country with ample volunteering opportunities. Some of the volunteering programs available in Thailand are Child Care program, Medical Volunteering Program, Teaching English Program, Teaching Monks Program, Beach and Built Program, Thailand Summer Program and Elephant Camp Program.

Child Care Program – Spend time with kids and help hone their skills for their bright future. Develop lifetime bonds with the kids in Thailand.

Medical Volunteering Program – A volunteering program for medical students that helps them get real time experience in treating the sick and improving healthcare quality in the country.

Teaching English Program – Teaching English to kids and adults in Thailand can go a long way as it is essential for the thriving tourism industry and reaching a higher standard of education.

Beach and Built Program–  A program to improve the facilities and the quality of education in Thailand, The Beach and Built Program is ideal for volunteers looking for contributing meaningfully in the country.

Thailand Summer Program – Enroll in the Summer Volunteer Program for a holistic contribution and adding meaning to your summer trip.

Elephant Camp Program– If you’re looking towards contributing towards animal welfare, then enroll in the Elephant camp program.

health care volunteer in Thailand

6. Beaches in Thailand

Thailand is blessed with a number of islands and archipelagos and travelers can experience the tranquility of the majestic sea in these picturesque islands. Get in touch with your soul in the vicinity of the spectacular islands. Koh Phi Phi Archipelagos, Sairu beach, Patong beach and Ko Nang Yuan beach are some of the options to be considered in Thailand.

Thailand beache

7.Explore Thailand

Apart from the bustling nightlife and chaos, Thailand is home to ample nonchalant cities that are serene, beautiful and hopelessly tranquil. Visit Northeastern Thailand, Chiang Mai , Khao National Park, Pai and Krabi to get a look at Thailand – Up, Close and Personal. You could take up traditional Thailand cookery classes and learn how to cook some delicious thai cuisines.

experience Thailand

8. Adventure Activities in Thailand

Thailand offers its travelers with plenty adventure activities to indulge in. Sea kayaking, Zip lining, Sky diving, snorkeling, mountain biking and whitewater rafting are the some of the few very popular adventure activities in Thailand.

Adventure in Thailand

9. Nightlife in Thailand

The nightlife of Thailand varies from glamorous discotheques, wild and rowdy clubs to quiet and fun entertainment centres. Popular destinations for night explorations are Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Hua Hin and Khao Lak Nightlife.


10. Spiritual Activities in Thailand

Thailand doesn’t disappoint its spiritual seekers as experienced meditators, yoga teachers give classes to visitors in the health resorts. A few resorts offer people the facility to speak with monks about their problems and listen to their words of wisdom. Detox classes are also arranged for the visitors. All in all, the country offers quality healing to people looking to de-stress during the trip.

spirituality in Thailand


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