Celebrate Valentine’s Day Differently: Volunteer Abroad With Your Partner


-“I’m planning a surprise for you.”

– “What is it? Don’t make me anticipate about it.”

– “We are going for a volunteering trip abroad and work with little ones there.”

This sounds extremely good, isn’t it?

Well, even you can surprise your partner by planning something incredible. And who wouldn’t like to travel abroad and explore a new destination?

This Valentine’s Day, get over those flower bouquets and chocolates and make it the most memorable Valentine’s Day. Travel to a destination which you and your partner always dreamt of visiting.

couple volunteering

Here are a few reasons why you should volunteer abroad with your partner:


Do something different yet meaningful

While rest of your friends would be celebrating the way they did last year, you’ll get to do something different. Going to that favorite restaurant can be done any other time, but special occasions should be celebrated in a way that they turn into memorable moments. In most cases, when we celebrate we just think about ourselves. This time, celebrate to make someone else smile. And let your partner witness that special moment with you.


Escape the cacophony

Ditch the chaos of the city where everything is known, and travel to an unknown land. Imagine having Thai food with your partner at a local restaurant in Chiang Mai – how beautifully romantic it would be, where it’s just you and your partner, cherishing one of the best dinners of your life! There’s something magical in doing the random things in an unknown land – if you have not tried it yet, then stop procrastinating.


Know more about each other’s strengths and weaknesses

We all know about our partner’s strengths and weaknesses, but until and unless a situation arises which demands real actions, we often tend to overlook a particular quality that our partner possesses. Take a volunteer trip, work together for a cause and know each other differently. Rest assured, your relationship will grow more stronger after this trip.


Learn new things together

In the journey of life, you’ll get thousands of chances to learn new things together. Consider this volunteer trip as one of those occasions when each day will unfold a new chapter and you’ll learn new things together – be it learning a new language or cooking a new dish. These lessons would be beneficial for a lifetime.


Inspire people as a couple

Help others in setting relationship goals. You and your partner are compatible, and both of you are well aware of this fact. But when you’ll get engaged in a good work together, you’ll encourage other people to take similar moves, which eventually will make the world a better place to live. You will inspire people to contribute towards the society rather than being self-centric.


Travel to your dream destination at an affordable cost

You must have always thought that visiting your dream destination would be heavy for your bank accounts! But that won’t be the case if you plan to volunteer. At an affordable cost, travel to Thailand to relax by the pristine beaches or travel to South Africa and explore the wildlife. A volunteer trip would be absolutely pocket friendly for you and and your partner, and it’ll give you a chance to explore while meaningfully contributing back to the society.


Take a week’s break this February, and celebrate Valentine’s Day with your best person like never before. Volunteering Solutions has several programs that would perfectly suit your needs, and you can travel to South Africa, India, Nepal, Thailand, Peru or Costa Rica for a week to volunteer and explore.


Sarin & Sevag at an orphanage in Nepal

A couple’s story of blooming love and volunteering – Sarin Jeghelian and Sevag Demirjian travelled from Lebanon to volunteer in Nepal. In an interview Sarin said,

As a couple, you can continue to relive the amazing moments you had overseas and be proud of your accomplishment.”

If you are still in thoughts about your Valentine’s Day plan, read their story here.

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