Why You Should Choose To Volunteer For The Street Children Program In India?


According to a rough estimate, there are approximately 4 to 8 lakhs street children overall in India. This is, certainly, a very alarming figure and hence needs a special attention to be given.

Although the government of India has been taking several measures towards this social problem, it still requires a joint effort from the people to make sure that no such child refrains from the basic necessities of life and the kind of future they deserve.

There are several social welfare societies which provide shelter, food, clothes, and other basic amenities to these kids and Volunteering Solutions, in association with local organizations, aims to keep their efforts running with the support of volunteers from all over the world, and you can make a difference in the lives of these little ones by being a part of the Street Children Program in New Delhi, India.

Here are a few reasons why even you must be a part of the Street Children Program in India and do your part:

1. Because a simple gesture of care and affection can make a huge difference

The average age of the children located under the street children project is 6 – 10 years, which are either been discarded by their parents because of poverty or have lost their parents and are orphans. Facing the wrath of life at such an early age, these children crave for much-needed love and affection more than anything else in this world; maybe more than food. A gentle touch of affinity from the volunteers reflects the warmth and empathy these children keep looking for.

2. Because education should be for all

One of the key role and responsibilities that volunteers are supposed to execute under the Street Children Volunteering Project is to conduct informal educational classes for the kids at the center itself. They can teach basic level subjects to these children, along with other general knowledge topics to make them socially and intellectually aware and advanced. This will dearly help the kids to grow literate and make the best of their future. After all, knowledge is the biggest key to success.

3. Because time is the biggest gift you can give to someone

Spending some quality time with these adorable kids is something that will bring a quick smile to your face, no matter how rough your last day may have been. You will be astonished to find the kind and level of ambitions and aspirations these children have for themselves. All it requires is a little motivational push from volunteers like you to make them achieve their desires. While you spend time with these children, you get to interact with them during which you can increase their knowledge bank and show them the way to success. Your time and presence are all they look forward to.

4. Because why just travel when you can volunteer to make a difference

With the dawn of New Year, many around the world would be ready to embark on their individual expeditions they may have been planning from months. While traveling is most certainly one tranquil and rejuvenating factor, the level of excitement and experience climbs several notches up when you add volunteering to it. Not only it adds a motive to your sojourn but also gives you the opportunity to explore the various different volunteering projects in India from a closer angle and learn more about the country.

5. Because it is India!

Yes! India; the land of wonders and charisma. One really does not require any official reason to travel to India, as the name and its characteristics are sufficient enough to pull tourist crowd. The plethora of world heritage sites, the beauty of natural landscapes spread across the country, the different cultural and traditional nuances that vary from state to state; it all suffice to intrigue any foreign traveler to visit India at least once in their lifetime (which however is not enough). And since volunteering provides a great platform to interact with the local lifestyle and an opportunity to learn the insides of Indian culture, there can’t be a better way to travel to this beautiful country.

So begin your new year with a benign act and we will help you in arranging it all at the click of a button. Get in touch with the VolSol Program Advisors at [email protected]

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