A Medical Volunteer’s Experience – The Story Of Daniela Juarez Meza

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“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.” – Oscar Wilde.

Being a volunteer abroad isn’t an easy task! You need to step out of your comfort zone and travel for miles before you finally reach your destination. Often, the places where you’ll have to work might seem to be too tacky. You’ll come across people who won’t understand your language, and communicating will seem difficult.

There might be times when everything will appear to be too difficult to be managed. But guess what – the entire journey will turn out to be the most rewarding experience of your life – and when we say this, we are not essentially trying to convince you, but we are just making an effort from our side to motivate you, so that you can also think about initiating the “smallest act of kindness”.

“Last December, I had the opportunity to travel to Tanzania with Volunteering Solutions – it had been a dream for many years and I finally found a company that made it easier for me to realize my dreams. In Tanzania, I went to the hospital called Levolosi, a small clinic where I had the opportunity to perform all kinds of procedures from births to consultations and even trauma.

This opportunity made me grow and learn a lot, as well as taught me to value what I have, what I do not have and what I can do for others. I certainly changed a lot as a person and it’s all for good. I wish to go back and stay there for a much longer time.

After Africa, I went to India. I was there in a hospital called Moolchand in New Delhi. It’s a private hospital, so I had less opportunity to perform procedures but I learned a lot, thanks to the residents and doctors who were in the hospital at the moment and I felt that everyone was very welcoming in the clinic. Also, Volunteering Solutions helped me and my friends to put together a plan to visit what we could during our stay there – it looks super good, super cheap and excellent services were offered to us.

After India, I finally went to Peru and this time it was a small public clinic which was much quieter. There was not as much action as in other places but I had full access to patients to perform procedures such as sutures, drainage, injections, and consultations, and with the support of the family with which I lived in Cusco.

They were there at all times and it has been the best family I have ever known in the world (and I have lived with families in more than 10 countries)! Peru is a country with too many things to know, to see and enjoy – I would certainly go back to those 3 experiences a thousand times because it is not only traveling and helping, but it is also about knowing other cultures and to understand that we all seek for similar things despite living in such distant and different places.”

This is the story of Daniela Juarez Meza, who’s more popular as Daniela Jum! One of the most beautiful souls that we’ve ever known, Daniela is a medical student who traveled across borders, not once but thrice – just for the sake of serving the societies in developing nations.

Daniela is a medical student in Mexico, and she always took part in Health Care Projects – where she got to treat the patients in clinics and showered them with love and care. Her volunteering journey started from Arusha (Tanzania) in December 2016, where she looked after little ones, helped in childbirth and also treated the sick. The kids fell in love with Daniela.

In 2017, she traveled to India and worked at a hospital in New Delhi. Being a traveler at heart, Daniela and her friends went to explore Agra and Udaipur as well, to absorb the beauty of India, during her volunteering journey. Later, she traveled to Cusco (Peru) and worked at a clinic there.

Daniela absorbed every bit that her journeys had to offer. While the world needs people like her, we believe that her story will surely inspire others to step ahead and be a part of the noble journey, where one will find self-satisfaction by serving others.

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