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“Why do I have to pay for volunteering abroad? I mean, I want to help them and all and still, I will have to pay?” – That is a common question people usually ask.

People often forget that volunteering can never be free. Volunteering Abroad is definitely a choice, and when you choose to do so, you have to pay.

For what?

For your airfare, for your lodging, for your meals, for the local commute, airport transfer, for your project placement tie-ups! There is more in the list, but again our we dread the word “program fee”.

Let’s simplify it for you. Your program fee solely aims to provide you comfort while you are volunteering abroad. It is structured to meet your most basic needs.


It is necessary for an organization to employ full-time staff to recruit and manage volunteers. There is a lot of work that goes side by side ensuring that you are supported before and during your program. We are dedicated to making your volunteering abroad a memorable experience and ward off of all possible hunches at every step. Our administration cost is 28% of the total cost which includes advertising, staff salary, website maintenance, taxes, volunteer recruitments and other expenses.


Training and orientation

You may be endowed with exceptional skills and acumen in your area of expertise but to figure out your exact role in the placement agency and to gain insights of its operations require training. To know cultural practices and etiquettes is of sublime importance to carry out your tasks. So you need someone who can impart training and dispel your doubts at every step, obviously he/she doubles as your friend and trainer. Generally, your training program extends to few weeks and tireless efforts of the trainer need to be properly remunerated.

Good grasp of the local language is an added advantage that helps you to communicate effectively and learn the culture promptly, so in some cases they also assign language trainers to help you out, who is paid by the program provider.

training and orientation

Food and accommodation

We charge for food and accommodation based on your preferences. You may decide to go for a home stay or group accommodation or relish the cuisines cooked by the host family and pay them. You may cook for yourself if you find it economical or your placement organization may provide you with lunch. You have a plethora of options to choose from and charges are determined accordingly. Host organization provides a safe and welcoming atmosphere for the volunteers. Food and accommodation charges cover 40% of your total expenditure.

food and accommodation

In-country support

Volunteer service organizations often employ in-country staff to provide local support and to make your volunteering abroad experience memorable. As long as you are volunteering outside which may take up to six months, our staff is continuously working for you behind the screen. So we pay them from program fees we receive despite other sources like grants and donations.

Nothing can be more discomforting than to struggle for getting basic services like healthcare, banking or even visa reviewing in a foreign land that otherwise would be comparatively less difficult in an English speaking country. As a volunteer, you have not been tied up to the agency only and you may roam around the city to watch historical places, zoo, movies etc. and should have total access to everything in order to distress yourself. VolSol has incredible in-country support (around 12%) to ensure that your trip runs smoothly.

Project Development

The most important part of the volunteering fee goes to the project which you have chosen. Program fees help fund the project activities and resources. Thus organizations need to pay staff members to ensure continuity of your program and administrative duties. Project development involved 11% of the total program fee.

volunteering cost
VOLSOL Program Cost Includes:

– Advertising Online/Offline
– Salaries for staff
– NGO financial help
– Communication with volunteers and partners, by phone/email etc.
– International travel is done by our staff to monitor projects and attend local meetings with partners
– Website maintenance.
– Government taxes
– Credit Card processing charges
– In the country maintenance of offices, vehicles etc.
– Staff recruitment
– Volunteer recruitment
– Maintaining office and other expenses

We hope that all the doubts have been cleared! Happy Volunteering, friends.

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