Top 10 Volunteering Abroad Destinations To Explore In 2024

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Volunteering abroad is one of the most useful and meaningful ways to travel abroad, and it only makes sense to start your new year with the kind act of humanitarian work. After All, what better way can there be to travel than to add volunteering to it?

Volunteering Solutions gives you a comprehensive list of destinations you must add to your bucket list to volunteer abroad in this year:

1. Volunteer in Thailand

thailand volunteer abroad project

Thailand is one of the topmost traveled destinations in the world, because of the variety of travel experiences that one can get here. One of the most intriguing experiences out of all is of volunteering in Thailand. Volunteering Solutions offers different volunteering programs in Thailand; including Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Volunteers also have the opportunity to work with elephants in Thailand. The Elephants to Beaches Program, Thailand Voluntour as well as the Summer Volunteering Program are the popular ones in the country. You’ll get to experience the best of chaos and silence in Thailand with us!


2. Volunteer in Cambodia

thailand volunteer abroad project

Let alone the fact that the largest religious monument in the world, The Angkor Wat, is located here, Cambodia has many other reasons to visit; one of them is to volunteer for the society. The country has had its share of darker days and has resurrected almost from the dust to emerge as one of the most enchanting beauties of Asia. The country, however, still lacks in certain areas of life and needs support from dedicated volunteers to improve the conditions of education, medicine, and the community as a whole. Being a volunteer in Cambodia will let you peep into the lives of the natives and know the culture more closely.


3. Volunteer in India

India volunteer abroad project

Whether you are a backpacker, gap year traveler or a regular tourist, your travel bucket list is definitely incomplete without India! One really does not need a lot of reasons to travel to India as its name and history are enough, but a reason as strong as volunteering will surely motivate you to travel to this wonderland. Under Volunteering Solutions’ list of volunteer programs offered in India, one gets the opportunity to do volunteer work in India as well as enjoy the charm of the country.  Oh yes, you’ll totally get to pay a visit to the Taj Mahal!


4. Volunteer in Peru

Peru volunteer abroad program

Peru, the land of Inca civilization, and home to one of the most astonishing wonders of the world, Machu Picchu, which is also a world heritage site, is a brilliant choice for those who wish to volunteer abroad. This Latin American country still sustains the ruins of its age-old heritage, which is reflected in the lifestyle of the natives. Opportunities are available to volunteer in Cusco, Peru to make a difference while enjoying every moment of your travel.


5. Volunteer in Philippines

philippines volunteer abroad

The Philippines offer some of the best underwater adventure activities in the world, across 7000 of its splendid islands. This second-largest archipelago in the world is nestled in the Southeastern region of Asia, which sustains a very low profile and subtle lifestyle. Choosing the Philippines for volunteering can be one of the most sensible decisions you would make for the whole year.


6. Volunteer in Sri Lanka

sri lanka volunteer project

Sri Lanka is one South Asian country that is known for not one but plenty of stellar reasons amongst the travelers’ fraternity. Its extended rainforest areas, spiritual ambiance, and the love for elephants are some of the key reasons. The majority of its population is the follower of Buddhism and people here lead a very simple lifestyle. Volunteering in Sri Lanka will let you get closer to the amazing people of this country while making some positive contribution to their life.


7. Volunteer in Nepal

nepal volunteer abroad project

If Sri Lanka has its majority of the population following Buddhism, Nepal is the place of the inception of Buddhism; Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, was born in Nepal. The country is surrounded by the mighty Himalayas, providing some of the best trekking options in the world, and has 7 of the top 10 highest peaks in the world; including the Mt. Everest. Volunteering in Nepal will not only help you to make an impact in the lives of the people, but it’ll also enable you to learn a lot about life and how to be more grateful.


8. Volunteer in Tanzania

tanzania volunteer abroad project

Moving on from the world’s highest mountain peak, Mt. Everest, we’ll arrive at the home to the world’s highest freestanding mountain, Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. It is known to be a popular tourist destination in Africa, especially, for its wildlife safaris. Volunteers have the opportunity to volunteer in Arusha or Zanzibar regions of Tanzania to help in improving the quality of education and medical facilities in these areas.


9. Volunteer in Morocco

morocco volunteer abroad projects

This North African country is an interesting destination to visit, and Morocco can never fail to mesmerize you with its beauty. While volunteering in the capital city of Rabat, you get the opportunity to experience and understand a unique amalgamation of Arabic, European, and Berber culture. Several Moroccan cities still reflect the kind of lifestyle which used to be there, decades ago, thus giving you a chance to witness Morocco from yesteryears. Go for desert safari on the Sahara and explore the best that the country has to offer!


10. Volunteer in Ghana

Ghana volunteer abroad projects

Coming at the end of this list is probably one of the most important destinations to volunteer abroad. Ghana, the ‘Gateway to Western Africa’, is a country that needs the support from the larger world. Volunteering Solutions provides opportunities in the city of Tamale, where volunteers can choose to work under various programs, ranging from Teaching, Orphanage, Football Coaching, Medical, Girl Education and Community Development.


These destinations are perfect for a great travel experience, with opportunities to visit some of the world’s best locations and heritage sites while contributing meaningfully to the lives of the local people. Add these must-visit destinations to your bucket list and book your spot for volunteering at your favorite destination in 2024.

Let us know if you need more information to help you decide. Drop us a comment below or speak to our Program Advisers at [email protected]


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