Why Should You Choose to Volunteer in Europe in 2024?

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Ah well, I’m sure that the moment you think of volunteering abroad, the first thoughts that come to your mind are about the malnourished kiddos of some African country or the underprivileged communities of Southeast Asia. Undoubtedly, these are the regions that definitely need considerable attention and a lot of people in African & Asian countries are still suffering from poverty, illiteracy, inadequate healthcare, etc., but even in developed parts of the world, like in countries of Europe, volunteers are needed for various reasons.

In spite of the fact that Europe is highly developed and wealthier than most other parts of the world, the continent suffers from certain pitfalls that need proper attention and thus, Volunteering Solutions, in association with some local organizations, is trying to fix the issues and change things for good. Needless to say, none of our efforts can be fruitful without the kind cooperation of our volunteers.

If you’re still wondering why you should travel & volunteer in Europe, then scroll down and know the best reasons to be a part of this endeavor!

1. Incredible opportunities and a wide range of volunteer programs available in Europe!

Volunteer in europe

No matter whether you are a high school student looking for an amazing Summer Break program or a gap year traveler, keen to do something meaningful – if you’re one who’s passionate about the environment, then there are many volunteer programs in Europe that focus on ecotourism and conservation, and you can choose to be a part of one! It just doesn’t end there, ‘coz we have more in store! Those who want to help the community, join the community development volunteer program in Barcelona, Spain, or the Arts Center Program in Clonmel, Ireland. Food Waste Management and Community Development Volunteer Programs are available in Portugal, perfect for those who are keen to take up something more challenging and engaging. Each of our programs is mindfully curated, and we would ensure that the giver and the receiver are equally benefitted.

2. You’ll get to travel & explore as much as you want to!

We’ve always believed in the saying – “All work & no play makes Jack a dull boy!” Hence, we would ensure that while you’re on your volunteer trip to Europe, you also get to explore and experience the best things that the place has to offer. If you choose to volunteer in Spain, you can definitely explore Barcelona (where we also have our programs) or just travel to Madrid/ Barcelona over the weekends to soak in the madness of the big cities! Otherwise, you can just spend a day or two, lazying around the beaches and savoring the authentic Spanish delicacies. For those who want to travel to Portugal, we already have an amazing 2 Weeks’ Special Voluntour which would let you explore the best of Lisbon and Porto, apart from a thrilling weekend trip to Berlengas island in Peniche. And if you choose to volunteer in Ireland, you’ll have ample scope to wander around Cork City, explore the village of Summer Cove on Kinsale Harbour, go for a drive to Kinsale, and much more!

I’m sure that travel bug in you is already making you drool over these experiences!

3. Opportunity to learn new things (a new language, for sure!)

As a popular saying states, “There are things that a book can never teach you, the lessons are to be learned on the other end of the flight.” There can be nothing truer than these words!

One of the best things about volunteering in Europe is that you wouldn’t have to face much of a language barrier, as English is the most widely spoken language on the continent. But of course, while volunteering, you’d always have an added advantage if you know the local language – and it would be a great opportunity for you to learn a new one! Those who choose to be in Spain can learn to speak the second most spoken language in the world – which is Spanish, of course! If you’re traveling to Portugal, make sure you learn a bit of Portuguese or maybe Irish, if in Ireland.

Knowing a foreign language will also be immensely beneficial for your career ahead. Other than learning a new language, you’d also have immense scope to know more about the people of the country, their history & heritage, their culture, and lifestyle. You can also try your hands at cooking the local delicacies by attending some cooking classes during your free time. It’ll be wonderful to know how people in different countries live their lives.

4. Gain valuable first-hand work experience and boost your career.

volunteer in portugal

We have professionals working alongside our volunteers, who would ensure that the work is done as per plans and also to guide the volunteers, to achieve the goal in a better manner. No matter whether you work for an environmental or marine conservation program volunteer at a soup kitchen or maybe work for women empowerment, you’ll always be guided and supervised by our specialists and our in-country team will be available 24*7, for your support. As mentioned earlier, these projects are designed in a way that both the giver & the receiver benefit in the end, thus maintaining a perfect balance.

We know that most of the millennials who choose to volunteer abroad are keen to learn new things, in order to gain that extra dose of exposure. Volunteering in Europe would give a much-needed boost to your career and help you to learn how to work in a group, enhance your managerial capacities, make you more confident about your actions, and eventually, add some brownie points to your Resume.

Also, Volunteering Solutions will provide you with a Certificate of Program Completion, which will definitely help you in your journey ahead.

5. Meet some amazing people from different parts of the world!

volunteer in europe

While you’ll get ample scope to spend time with the locals of a particular country when you’re there on your volunteer trip, you’ll also get to meet travelers from other parts of the world, who, just like you, have come to explore the uniqueness and beauty of Europe, as well as contribute meaningfully towards a cause.

This will surely enrich you as a person, as you break into conversations trying to know more about their country & cultures, spend time understanding their world views, and share your ideas with them as you work together for a common goal. You’ll get to know how different people are, yet, there’s something that binds us all – an eagerness to learn, a pinch of empathy, the desire to dream, the goodness of hopes, and the magic of love!

So, now you know why a trip to Europe to volunteer should definitely be on your travel bucket list for 2024. In case you have some questions/ doubts or you need to know more about the programs, you can simply write to us at [email protected] and our Program Advisors will get back to you.

To say the least, it’s time to be a responsible traveler and to indulge in something meaningful, rather than just another leisurely vacation!

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