Why Should You Volunteer in Thailand With VolSol


Thailand is a land of beautiful temples, scintillating beaches, and a celebrated natural aura. VolSol offers its volunteers with some fulfilling, fun-filled volunteering opportunities that also aim at making a difference in the lives of the underprivileged lot in Thailand. We give you the best reasons to pick Thailand as your next Volunteering destination.


1. Explore Thai Culture

Grab the opportunity to experience the magic of the local Thai culture. A stay in our awesome volunteer houses, campsites and hosts families will make sure that you get a taste of the local culture, local food and meet loads of local people.

2. Programs That Suit Your Skill And Interests

From working in wildlife conservation projects to childcare centers, orphanages, and women empowerment projects – There is a lot on offer for aspiring volunteers. We also offer professional and well-designed internships for medical and journalism internships.

3. Modern Facilities In An Idyllic Setup

Every program gives their participants days off to enjoy the surrounding areas. Chiang Mai is the second largest city in Thailand and is growing into a modern metropolis dropped in the middle of the lush mountains of northern Thailand.

4. The Parade of the Giants

Surin, in the northeast, is home to the Surin Elephant Round-Up every November while it spends the rest of the year tending to crops, with many small villages surrounding the city and even some Khmer ruins over 500 years old.

5. Beach Time in Paradise

Koh Samui and Surin are also well known for their idyllic set-up amidst spellbinding beaches and exotic nightlife. Koh Samui is an island just off the coast and still maintains some of the most pristine beaches in the country as well as beautiful hillsides. The Chaweng beach, Lamai beach in Koh Samui are popular and the Surin beach, although not a tourist hotspot is a refreshing and lesser crowded beach spot.

6. Great Mix Of Spirituality, Food, and Shopping

Thailand is rich in culture and heritage. From grasping the importance of Buddhism with its temples, statues, and monks who you can even choose to join for a few days in some places, to the authentic and mouthwatering food that this country offers – Thailand has all the ingredients of being the perfect volunteering destination.

VolSol project coordinators offer valuable tips to volunteers on how to explore the city and have fun around. The Thailand Summer Special Program also offers an extensive travel and volunteering experience to all the participating volunteers.

7. Opportunity to See How the Other Half Lives

The thrill of discovering how other people live is enriching to the mind and the heart. Traveling requires an open mind and human interactions affect the way one starts to see the value in the similarities and differences of people from other cultures. The volunteer work to makes you more sensitive and you get a life-altering experience.

If you still have any query mail us at [email protected] our experts are online or visit our website https://www.volunteeringsolutions.com

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