Internships in Thailand

Internship with Volunteering Solutions in Thailand will give you valuable work experience in the areas of Healthcare and Journalism. Volunteering Solutions offers two internship programs, both in Chiang Mai - largest city in Northern Thailand. Chiang Mai is a very popular tourist destination and is surrounded by mountains and lush countryside.
Under the Medical Internship Program , interns work in private and public hospitals in Chiang Mai. Depending on the needs and skill level, interns may be able to choose which department to work in. The hospitals have different departments including General Surgery, Neurosurgery, Orthopedics and Dentistry. The Medical Internship program is highly recommended for Premed students and Medical/ Nursing students.

Under the Journalism Internship Program, interns get the opportunity to work in one of Northern Thailand's most successful magazines. The project is recommended for students currently studying journalism or looking to secure a place in a journalism course. Roles and responsibilities of the interns may vary but generally include tasks in these areas: editorial, multimedia,content writing, web designing and marketing.

Working overseas in Thailand as an intern would be a very rewarding and challenging experience wherein you will work along with the local Thai people. In both the projects you will get an opportunity to get hands on work experience which is very valuable and would add meaning and value to your Resume. You will also get an internship certificate that can give you a breakthrough in career.

Affordable Internship Programs in Thailand

  • Medical - Healthcare Internship
    Medical Internship Bangkok - Thailand

    Medical Internship Bangkok

    The internship takes place in some of Thailand’s best hospitals in Bangkok. In special cases interns may work on weekends and evenings. Interns will shadow the Thai doctor in their normal, daily routines and assist with professional responsibilities.

  • Journalism and Media
    Journalism Internship - Chiang Mai Thailand

    Journalism Internship

    Interns working in this program work alongside Thai staff in different departments in the publishing house.

  • Medical - Healthcare Internship
    Medical Internship Chiang Mai - Thailand

    Medical Internship Chiang Mai

    Thailand has become a medical center for much of Asia and westerners travel half-way across the world to receive expert, inexpensive medical care.

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