Affordable Sea Turtle Conservation Volunteer Programs Abroad


Can you name a living being from the present day era who have shared the space on earth with dinosaurs? Sea turtles! Yes. They have been existing from several millenniums now, but have hardly transformed from their original form. However, over the years, with increasing population and pollution, their existence is facing danger of extinction. It is for this that several efforts are been taken in order to safeguard this species. One such effort is the sea turtle conservation volunteer program. Here is all you need to know about it;


What is it about?

One of the oldest creatures on earth, the sea turtles are classified broadly into seven main species. It has been identified that four of these species are marked as ‘endangered’ while two of the remaining three are quite vulnerable. These reptiles, who have hardly transformed in the past 110 million years of their existence, are today struggling for their survival.  Water pollution, encroachment, and illegal harvesting are some of the major threats these creatures are facing today. Volunteering Solutions, understanding the importance of saving these turtles to maintain the balance of our eco-system, provides projects for the conservation of these turtles.

What are the roles and responsibilities?

A generic set of responsibilities of a volunteer working under this program includes;

       Protect and monitor turtle nests from human poachers.

       Help manage sustainable egg-harvesting programs.

       Liberation of newborn.

       Obtaining information on the remains of the nest.

       Cleaning and maintaining the beach.

       Check if any garbage can be recycled; such as, Plastic, glass, cardboard etc.

       Help wash the sea turtle tanks and refill them with sea water and help prepare the food fed       to the turtles.

       Hand feed the turtles as the hatchery has several turtles with injuries.

       Patrol the beach once a day to look for any pieces of fishing nets, which cause a large number of deaths in sea turtles.

Which all destinations is it offered in?

Volunteering Solutions offer sea turtle conservation programs in two different continents altogether. While one is in the South American region, the other is in the southern part of Asia. The destinations where Volunteering Solutions place volunteers for this program are;

  1.    San Jose – Costa Rica
  2.    Colombo – Sri Lanka

Despite of the difference in culture, tradition, and lifestyle, the projects and the objective behind the project are the same at both these locations.

Are there any specific requirements or eligibility criteria to attend this program?

There are no special requirement for anyone to be a part of this project. However, one should comply to certain factors; such as,

         Volunteers must be 18 years or older at the time of joining the project.

         Need to have an open mind and flexible attitude for working in a new and different environment.

         The volunteers should bring energy and enthusiasm to make a difference.

         Must be in good health.

         Hard working skills and ecologically sensitive.

So now that you know and understand the depth of importance for this project, we hope you too would be willing to provide a significant support for saving these slow, yet adorable creatures. All you need to do is visit Volunteering Solutions website and register yourself for the program. Interested candidates can also speak to our program experts directly at [email protected] for any further detail or queries.

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