10 Reasons to Volunteer in Honduras with VolSol


Volunteering Solutions offers you with a great opportunity to Volunteer in the beautiful city of La Ceiba, Honduras. You get an opportunity to contribute in the upliftment of the country and also travel and experience the location in the traditional Honduran way. We give you the best 10 reasons why Volunteering In Honduras will be an absolutely delightful experience.


1. Sun, lounging, and beaches. Who doesn’t like these?  Honduras is home to some spectacular beaches and coral reefs, perfect for relaxing in, diving, and snorkeling.

2. For all those culture and history buffs, Honduras is the ideal destination for you. Filled with relics and sites, the ancient Mayan civilization of Honduras is visible everywhere you visit especially around the city of Copan in Western Honduras.

3. The feeling of doing good in the world to help other is comparable to no other and here at Volsol we offer a variety of projects in Honduras. From Childcare, Orphanage, and Teaching projects, to Medical and Healthcare projects, there is bound to be one which interests you most.

4. Being in a country which does not speak English, it is a perfect opportunity to build up on your, or if you have never done studied it before, then pick up on Spanish language skills.

5. The price you pay includes a variety of services we provide such as: an airport pickup, an orientation class at the beginning where you will learn the basic customs, rules and expectations, and safety regulations, and of course three meals a day.

6. There is plenty to do in Honduras during your free time. Why not try white water rafting, Canopy Zip lining, Hiking, Mountain Biking, Horseback riding,or even Salsa dancing?

7. Honduras is known for its exquisitely vibrant and mouthwatering latin cuisines, and you can even attempt to cook some yourself with specially planned cooking lessons available to you.

8. Travelling anywhere, but especially so far from home, gives you the opportunity to meet a variety of new people who you would otherwise never get the chance to meet, and of course make friends with!

9. If you’re not comfortable with going so far alone then you needn’t worry, the Honduran Volunteer Program can be obtained as part of a group. We welcome all kinds of groups: families, friends,school and corporate groups are all invited to volunteer in our volunteer program on Honduras together.

10. And finally, why you really should Volunteer in Honduras is because of the experience itself. The act of doing something should be your prime motivating factor followed by what traveling experiences the country has to offer and ultimately the positive benefits that Volunteering abroad has on you.

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