Experiences Shared By 5 Incredible Volunteers Who Traveled Abroad To Serve The Society


Time and again, our volunteers keep sharing their experiences with us through feedbacks and reviews. While each of them has different stories, for us, it’s the love and dedication with which they join our programs with the hope to add some happiness to the lives of others.

Here are the 5 best reviews from volunteers who traveled with Volunteering Solutions in 2017 and shared their life-changing experiences.

1. Francisca Peña from Colombia traveled with us in three countries – Thailand, Nepal, and Ghana, and here’s what she has to say about her volunteering journey:

“I’ve been volunteering with Volunteering Solutions in Thailand, Nepal, and Ghana.
In Thailand, I was in an elephant camp for two weeks and it was the best experience of all.
In Nepal, the experience was different but in turn very enriching and full of learning. And finally, Ghana can be considered as a unique and very beautiful experience for the work that I did to help the girls in school and the orphanage. The people there are very friendly and supportive.
My volunteer journey was an amazing experience that will remain in my memory forever – thanks to all the people who accompanied me and was there.”


2. Voula Argyropoulos from Canada chose to take her family for a service trip. She wanted her kids to know what it feels like to serve the ones of their age, and work as a team with the parents. Hence, she made plans for volunteering in Peru and here’s what she has to say about the journey she experienced:

“A wonderful experience in Peru! Volunteered with my husband and 4 teenage children. We worked at a daycare and enjoyed every moment. The children were absolutely adorable and happy. We were able to build cribs for the babies and paint and refurbish all the chairs. Working with kids daily with arts and crafts and lessons of English was rewarding.
We were very pleased with the organization and the communication with Jenny and Sahil was constant throughout our time there. Our host family was incredible and made our stay comfortable and inviting. Mama Edith prepared the most amazing meals and was always very attentive.
We were thoroughly impressed with Volunteering Solutions as this was our first service trip, we would highly recommend this organization.”


3. Deborah Al Faddaghi from the USA had joined the orphanage project with her daughter, Mae Al Faddaghi. Here’s what Deborah had to say about her volunteering experience in Nepal:

“My daughter and I had a wonderful experience with Volunteer Solutions in Kathmandu. I have to say the first thank you goes to their very experienced staff run by Uma Mathema. She is kind, generous and fun loving. She sat and talked to us every day and if a volunteer had any issues with his or her appointed volunteer program, she worked to fix is quick. She also helped us to fill in free time with lots of suggestions – both free and low cost touring around Nepal. I would recommend this experience to anyone wanting a truly local experience, it is not a 5-star hotel, but real true Nepal living. She lightened the spices in her cooking for us and provided true spicy vegetarian meals for those who asked for it, 6 days a week.

I loved all the people we worked with, Uma, of course, is amazing and the people at the orphanage, even if the English communication is not strong, we got by with sign language. I learned so much about these people just by cleaning & organizing the room and playing with the children. They run the facility with very little funding and it is not western standards, but we need to look past that, with no judgment and see the amazing job these people do with what that have.

The best thing we bring is loving arms for these amazing kids. I enjoyed a lot with the staff and the children every day we were there. It was a worthwhile experience and we are planning to do it again.”


4. Volunteers like Moria Patricia Anderson keep coming back to offer help to the underprivileged kids and we totally love her for her contributions. Here’s what Moria had to say about her experience in Delhi:

“My experience of Delhi and of volunteering for the Street Children Project was wonderful. The extreme heat and humidity in Delhi was challenging and also made the conditions for working with the children a challenge also, but getting to know the children (and meeting children I had worked with in a previous volunteer trip to Delhi) on the project in the short time I was there, and learning from them about their culture, their hopes and their dreams, made it all worthwhile.

I cannot praise enough the support, advice and hospitality shown by Shankar and Ramesh, in particular, in the Volunteer house in Delhi. Both went beyond the call of duty to welcome and support volunteers and to make everyone feel secure. This was my third time staying at the volunteer house over the past five years, and I must say, both are great hosts.

This is my third time with Volunteering Solutions and I have made many long-term friends from meeting others in the volunteer house.”


5. Lauren Webster from Great Britain went to Kenya as a solo traveler and volunteered with us. She shared her beautiful experience with us and it’s heart-warming, indeed:

“Kenya is such a beautiful country and as our host country, it has been very welcoming. The natives appreciate when you attempt to speak to them in Swahili (even though it might be bad). In my group, we have been very keen to learn the native language.

Our host Paul has been an absolute saint with all of us. He cooks our breakfast and dinner every single day. He looks after the apartment and is always there to answer any questions and help us out in any way. Because of this Julia, Amy, Stephanie, Maryelle, another Paul and myself, took Paul out to dinner to one of Kenya’s most famous restaurant – Carnivore).

Our time at the orphanage has been amazing. We met some really incredible people but most important of all, we had the pleasure to meet, play and interact with the strongest of human beings – the children.

On our first day of arriving at the orphanage (Amy, Stephanie and myself) washed all the children’s clothes. We were shocked at why some many people came to watch us do this until one person told us that they had never seen a white person wash clothes before!

The highlights of the program were being able to meet such incredible people and lifelong friends. As a solo traveler, you really do learn who you really are and how to interact and understand people. I felt that the program took us away from the tourist environment and we behaved more as locals and were able to explore local life. We learned so much!

I had an amazing time and I can’t wait to explore the world with Volunteering Solutions.”


We host hundreds of volunteers each year, coming from different parts of the world and serving the underprivileged ones in another part. All of them are special for us as we understand how big an impact they can create.

If you are inspired by their journeys, then wait no longer!

Applications for programs in 2018 are available – so, you can apply now! For more information, you can send us your queries at [email protected]

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