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Africa is arguably the most popular region to volunteer abroad. From college students on their gap year to backpackers and vagabonds on their travel expeditions, and even various high profile celebrities; Africa is on everyone’s bucket list when it comes to doing some altruistic work. One such African country, which is a very popular travel destination as well, that is apt for volunteering abroad in South Africa.

The country is known to provide some of the best adventure activities and thrilling experiences in the world. However, that’s not all of it. There are a number of volunteer programs as well to spend a meaningful and memorable gap year abroad.

Volunteering Solutions provide placements in two of the most scintillating cities in South Africa; Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. Let’s take a look at the available projects;

Childcare & Social Welfare Volunteer Work

childcare volunteering in south africa

This volunteer program caters to the welfare of disadvantaged children and to make sure that they get a fairly comfortable environment to live in. Volunteers interested in joining this program can be placed at several different project centers according to the current requirements and the level of comfort of the volunteers. These project placements include; childcare centers, orphanages, safe houses for women and children, home for physically and mentally challenged children.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Feeding, clothing and playing with the children.
  • Assist the children with their homework and studies.
  • Preparing meals for the kids.
  • Work alongside the in-house staff in organizing different activities for the kids.
  • Coming up with new and innovative ideas for engaging children in studies and extracurricular activities; such as art, craft, dance and drama.

Medical & Healthcare Volunteering

medical volunteering south africa

This is a great opportunity for medical students to gain enormous hands-on experience and international work exposure. Volunteers under the medical and healthcare program will be placed at local hospitals and clinics located in the suburbs of Cape Town. These medical outlets cater to the economically weaker section of the society. The institutes are handled by highly skilled and professional doctors but seldom run out of quality staff. This is where volunteers can come in really handy in supporting the doctors in handling the patients. They can also learn a lot from the professionals and experience working in crunch situations.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Wound dressing under the direct supervision of nursing staff.
  • Blood pressure, pulse and temperature measurements (if competent).
  • Assist patients with activities such as getting them from one service point to another.
  • Weighing patients, holding babies/adults to be weighed.
  • General assistance to the medical staff wherever required, and wherever experience and expertise allow.
  • Be a part of the several awareness programs conducted by the local doctors and nursing staff.

Sports Development Program

sports development south africa

As the name suggests, this project is best fit for volunteers who are into outdoor fitness activities and sports. The placements will be made at local schools for children from suburban and township areas around Cape Town. Learning sports activities can help a lot to these kids in shaping their future as the sports scene in most parts of Africa is quite up and wanted. While football is, certainly, one of the most popular sports, not just in South Africa, but entire African continent, volunteers can train the students of various other physical activities and fitness programs.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Be a mentor to the batch of kids in several sports and outdoor activities.
  • Assist teachers in taking inside classroom lectures during off-field hours.
  • Guiding children on the ways to keep physically fit and motivating them to keep a healthy regime.

English Teaching Volunteer Work

teaching volunteer work south africa

This is one of the most popular volunteering programs in South Africa. Volunteers interested in teaching projects can join this program to take classes in local primary and secondary schools in Cape Town. These schools house a plenty of children, mostly from poor family backgrounds, but often face quality staff crunch. Volunteers can choose the subject they like to teach; such as Math, Science, English, etc.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Taking classes for students in primary, secondary, and even nursery schools.
  • Teaching them some Basic English language and, help to get confident in speaking and writing English.
  • Assist in-house teachers in conducting classes and other administrative works.
  • Design a proper study module for the children to follow.
  • Involve students in out – of – the – class activities to teach them the importance of physical activity.

Wildlife Conservation Volunteer Program

south africa wildlife

Calling in all wildlife enthusiasts! Volunteering Solutions provide placements at a sprawling wildlife reserve, some 45 minutes outside Port Elizabeth. This is a great opportunity for volunteers to experience the great African wildlife from up close while making efforts towards their conservation. This is an experience beyond any game drive or wildlife safari, where you befriend the animals and take care of them throughout your stay. Certainly, a unique and different way of traveling Africa.

To provide a comprehensive experience of volunteering and travel in South Africa, Volunteering Solutions provide specially designed volunteer programs. These are tailor-made programs which caters to volunteer travelers who can’t dedicate much time traveling abroad but have the zeal to help build a community and experience the thrill of travel expedition.

 Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Removal of alien vegetation in and around the reserve.
  • Lion tracking and monitoring.
  • Wildlife structures.
  • Tree planting and landscaping.
  • Regular game drives to keep a check on the wild.
  • Predator interaction and caring.
  • Taking care of the elephant sanctuary.
  • Fauna and flora work in the nursery.
  • Wilderness trail walks and patrols.
  • Patrolling the fences on alternate duties.

2 Weeks Special Volunteer and Travel

short term volunteer in south africa

This is another customized travel offering by Volunteering Solutions, where volunteers experience the contentment of volunteering and the excitement of exploring South Africa. This program runs for 2 weeks which involves volunteer work at local schools or at childcare centers, and a set of weekend excursions to some of the best tourist hotspots around Cape Town; such as, Old Biscuit Mill, wine yards, Hermanus, Cape Aghulas, and more.

Not being able to decide which program to choose? Not to worry. Our advisers will help you choose the program that suits you the best according to your field of interest, educational background, budget, and time in hand. Send in your queries at [email protected] and start your journey to volunteer in South Africa; Today!

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