Volunteering Destinations With Some of The Best Diving Spots in The World


Out of all that the nature has blessed to us, it is only the underwater life which is not continuously visible to us; unless approached. May be it is this exclusivity which makes the entire marine ecosystem so special and worthy of exploring. There are many who are so enthusiastic about marine diversity that all they want to do is swim deeper into serenity and explore more. In order to satiate this lust for exploring underwater life, Volunteering Solutions gives you a list of volunteering destinations which are worldwide popular for their diving spots.



1. Philippines

diving in philippines

This Southeast Asian archipelago has more than 7000 spectacular islands in its periphery. Tacloban, where volunteers are placed, is one of the bustling towns in Philippines that lies in the province of Leyte, which also houses a number of pristine islands with some really fascinating diving spots. Some of these spectacular spots include, Panaon island, Padre Burgos Jetty, The Bongs Bend, Amihan Cebu Woodlands, Liloan, and more.


2. India

scuba-diving in India

The Indian sub-continent is famous for its terrific natural beauty, dotted with gigantic Himalayan valleys, lush green forests, and pristine beaches of the Indian ocean. The options available for scuba diving are a plenty in India. Some of the most recommended spots include;

Pondicherry: Coral Shark reef, Temple reef, The Hole, 4 corners, etc.

Andaman & Nicobar islands: Havelock island (The Wall), Port Blair (clinque island), Passage island (fish rock)

Lakshadweep islands: Aggati Islands, Bangarram Islands, etc.

Goa: Uma Guva reef, Shelter Cove, Locker of Davy Jones, The Jetty

Karnataka: Netrani island


3. Thailand

Diving in thailand

What else do you expect from a destination which is worldwide known and visited for its pristine beaches and coastlines. Thailand has a number of world famous diving spots spread all over the country. Volunteering Solutions provides placements in Surin and Koh Samui areas (along with Bangkok and Chiang Mai), which are two of the recommended scuba diving spots in Thailand. What adds to the charm is that Volunteering Solutions provide special Summer Volunteering programs in Thailand, which can prove to be the best time to beat the heat and take a dip in the cold water.


4. Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Hosting both Pacific and Caribbean coastlines, the South American country of Costa Rica is known to survive amazing marine wildlife and coral reefs. It has some really eye catching scuba diving locations which are in close vicinity to San Jose and Heredia, where placements are provided by Volunteering Solutions. Some of the recommended spots for scuba diving in Costa Rica includes; Catalina Island, Bat Island, Cano Island, Cocos Island, etc.


5. Australia

Great Barrier Reef

This one goes without saying. Home to the worlds largest coral reef, The Great Barrier Reef, with hundreds of islands and thousands of reefs stretched over 2300 kms long ecosystem, one can expect some of the best diving experiences while volunteering in Australia. Some of the recommended spots to go scuba diving in Australia includes; Rye Pier, Osprey Reef, Fish Rock Cave, Kangaroo Island, etc.


6. South Africa

South Africa

Another prominent volunteering destination where VolSol provides Summer volunteering programs. South Africa is one African country which is not just famous for its overland adventure activities, but also covers the air adventure, and underwater as well. In fact, the diving scene in South Africa is somewhat a notch ahead in a way that one may even get to experience some really exciting shark cage dive opportunities. Most of the well known spots for scuba in South Africa are located in close vicinity to Cape Town and Port Elizabeth, both of which are the destinations where VolSol provides program placements. These spots includes; Califton Rock, A Frame, Avalanche Reef, Haerlem Reef, False Bay, etc.


7. Ecuador


With the presence of a tranquil and pristine archipelago like that of the Galapagos islands, it is only obvious to have Ecuador in this list. Ecuador is a paradise for scuba diving lovers and offers some of the most spectacular underwater wildlife and reefs to explore. And the excitement level reach several notches up when you know that 25% of the marine species are endemic to Galapagos.


8. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Its one thing that a country has beaches and islands in its periphery, but it is an entirely different ball game when the country, altogether, is itself an island. Located to the south of Indian subcontinent, Sri Lanka offers some really amazing marine life to explore during a scuba expedition. Some of the most recommended diving spots in Sri Lanka includes, Hikkaduwa, Kalpitiya, Kirinda, Weligma, and more. The best part is that all these locations are in close vicinity of couple of hours from the capital city of Colombo where program placements are offered.
So, all you scuba divers out there. This is your chance to travel to make a difference and satisfy your craving for underwater exploration at the same time. Have you picked your destination yet? Then get in touch at [email protected] and register now!

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