How To Convince Your Friends For Group Volunteering Abroad


While some of us love to travel solo and plan our journeys as per our convenience, we can’t deny the fact that a trip with friends is always more fun! After all, you have your crazy bunch accompanying you all the time. Have you ever thought how wonderful it would be if you and your best pals can go for a volunteer trip together?

It’s a common saying – “Two heads are always better than one”! When a bunch of enthusiasts works together, towards solving a problem or executing a task, not only does it takes lesser time, but also, it is executed in the best way possible. Moreover, you’ll all get to give each other a push to perform better, and eventually, make a meaningful difference towards the volunteer project that you’ve signed up for.

However, we do understand that it’s easy to convince your gang for a beach trip or a chill vacay, but rather difficult to get everyone on board, when it’s something like a volunteering journey! But once they understand the value of it, probably they’d also happily tag along.

Volunteering Solutions is here to help you convince your friends for a group volunteering abroad. So, let’s get rolling!

group volunteer program in Thailand

1. Talk to them about your plan and help them understand the value of volunteering.

Most people aren’t well aware of the benefits of volunteering abroad and thus, they feel reluctant to get involved in something like this. Also, for many, a vacation is more like a chilling period – when one opts for a break and does nothing! But this concept is slowing changing. If you’ve decided to volunteer, then share your ideas and plans with your friends. Tell them why you think this is important, how you feel about contributing to the lives of the underprivileged or to protect the environment for good. Inspire them to be a part of your journey, rather than forcing them to join in. Even they need time to understand that it’s gonna be an experience of a lifetime and soak in the feelings of being a responsible traveler.

2. Discuss the budget factor with your friends and help them understand the cost benefits attached to group volunteering.

Money is one most important things that we think about while planning a trip. Everyone has a budget and wants to fit in everything within that. While pitching the idea of volunteering, you should definitely mention that it’s more pocket-friendly than a beach trip/ luxury vacay! Volunteer trips usually start for as low as 250 USD which includes your airport pickup at the host country, accommodation & meals, project work & 24/7 in-country support. To add to that, Volunteering Solutions offers amazing discounts for group volunteers and can arrange for accommodations, etc as per your needs.

3. It’ll be a great opportunity to explore new places, try new adventures together, get to know a new culture and much more!

short term volunteering in South Africa

A volunteering trip isn’t all about work, but you’d get ample scope to explore the country you travel to. One of the first things that you would get to encounter and learn about is the culture of that country. During a vacation, people are so busy with themselves, that we often miss out on soaking in the cultural vibes of the place. But on a volunteer vacay, you and your friends would mostly be working with the locals, getting an incredible opportunity to know their lifestyle and traditions, way of life and food habits, etc. You can also learn how to cook the authentic dishes and enjoy your little picnic, every now and then.

Over the weekends, you can travel to the nearby places of attraction and tick off all that’s there in your travel bucket list. Imagine what fun it would be to experience scuba diving with your gang while volunteering in Bali, or go for a Himalayan trek while volunteering in Nepal. Not just that, but we can also arrange for game drives while you’re in Kenya or Tanzania, let you hike along the Great Wall while in China, or maybe explore the Inca Trails while in Peru.

To say the least, we’d make sure that you get to experience the best that the country has to offer while you and your friends contribute effectively as volunteers.

4. Talk to them about future career benefits.

Volunteering is an act which not only benefits the receiver but also adds a lot to the life to the giver. Needless to say, a volunteer trip would make you a more humble & compassionate person, helping you to see the world in better lights. In today’s date, more and more millennials are opting for volunteering abroad due to the various career benefits attached to it. To begin with, it gives you international exposure as well as a first-hand learning opportunity. While working as a team, you enhance your teamwork capabilities, polish your managerial and leadership skills, learn how to act in a crisis and also, how to find the best results with the minimum resources.

It’s a proven fact that employers are more keen on recruiting candidates having a volunteer work experience. Someone who has chosen to be an active part of supporting a social cause will always stay ahead of the peers.

5. Tell them about the fun that you guys are gonna have!

2. Meet like-minded travelers from other parts of the world.

As I mentioned earlier, there can be nothing more fun than traveling with your best pals. You guys know each other well, and can motivate when someone feels low! A volunteer trip can be extremely intriguing and challenging at times, but it’ll be worthy if you all stand by each other and support to perform better. At the end of it, you’ll cherish these moments looking back at the good work that you’ll be a part of. Whether it’s about cuddling the elephants at a Thai Village or adoring the little kids at a childcare center in India – you’d get to enjoy to the fullest, working as volunteers in a group. Also, you’d get to travel overseas and soak in the vibes of a new place, weaving new chapters of your lives, together. You’d get to meet people from other parts of the world, make new friends, & what not!

Years from now, you’ll all look back and feel good about being a part of something as meaningful as volunteering!

It’s time that you post a message in the WhatsApp group and tell them, “Hey, let’s plan a volunteer vacay?” Know more about group volunteering projects, speak to them about your plans, check the destination where everyone would like to go and the work that all feels connected to – and book the tickets before someone in the group changes their mind!

If you need more help, our Program Advisors are always there, so you can write to us at [email protected] and we’d respond back ASAP!

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