How To Convince Your Friends For Group Volunteering Abroad


It is said that “Two heads are always better than one”, and rightly so. When two or more people, together, work towards solving a problem or executing a task, not only does it takes lesser time, but also, it is executed in the best way possible. However, the hard part always is to convince someone to be your companion in the plan of action; the same is the case when it comes to convincing your friends for a group volunteering program. Here is what Volunteering Solutions suggests to induce your friends for a perfect volunteering trip abroad:


1. Tell them about the new culture they will learn about

Traveling abroad always gives you some essential learnings in life that remains with you forever. One of the first things that you encounter and learn about while traveling abroad is the culture of that country. Let your friends be aware of this intriguing fact about getting to experience some very different cultures and unknown traditions around the world, which they otherwise would never get to witness.

2. Tell them about the places you all can collectively explore

Going on for adventure safaris, forest exploration, deep sea diving, and many more such escapades await your group when you plan to travel abroad. Every volunteer expedition leaves you with a window of time that can be dedicated to explore either the various natural habitats in the region or the heritage and cultural sites of the country you are volunteering in.  I mean, just think about all those selfie moments after all.

3. Tell them about the cost benefits attached to group volunteering

This is, undoubtedly, one of the most alluring points that will definitely set your friends’ minds ticking. Volunteering abroad comes along with a lot of monetary benefits when you travel in a group as you share the bills at many places. Dining at a restaurant, shopping in the local market (you can always ask for discounts for buying in bulk), while commuting either inter or intra city, and many other ways. Also, Volunteering Solutions provide reasonable discounts on group volunteering applications. A win-win situation!

4. Tell them about the new language you may get to learn

When you travel to volunteer abroad, you stay there for a good span of time; couple of weeks to months. During your tenure of volunteer work abroad, not only it is highly recommended, but is also useful to learn significant amount of local dialect to make things easier. There are Language and Orientation sessions (Optional) provided by Volunteering Solutions that will introduce you to the new language and day to day used gestures. This also makes you bond with the local people at the project easily and faster.  

5. Tell them how you got inspired to take up volunteering abroad

Sometimes, all it takes is a strong, eventful, and a valid anecdote to inspire your audience. Let your friends hear your part of the story on how and what inspired you to take this decision of volunteering abroad. Communicate your story in such a manner that they get motivated from it and join you in your endeavor.

6. Tell them why it is more meaningful than getting hooked on to your play station the entire holiday season

Not everyone knows or understands the importance of volunteering abroad, until about it by someone. Be that someone and let your group of friends understand the real reasoning behind a volunteering trip. Explain them about the necessity of taking up the responsibility to make a real difference by eradicating the social evils; Counter Strike will only make virtual differences!  

7. Tell them how easy it is and no rocket science to volunteer abroad

Often the idea of working under a volunteer program abroad sounds like a hard work done. And while, it does require a lot of dedication and energy, when done with your group of friends it does not seems to be a tough ask; rather it becomes a more enjoyable and an ecstatic activity.

As a group, your friends and you must have had a number of holiday trips together, but this time make it for a good cause, to make a difference in someone’s life, and to bring smiles on million faces. Speak with your friends and take up a group volunteering program abroad. To know more of bookings and program details, get in touch with our program advisors at [email protected].

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