6 Ways To Continue Volunteering After Returning Home From A Volunteer Abroad Trip

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Volunteering abroad leaves you with experiences that stay with you for life and to continue the good work you did during your trip once you return home is a great way to contribute to the society and keep your experiences and lessons alive. This will not only help you hone the skills you picked while volunteering but also prepares you better for the second time volunteering trip abroad. Read on to know about the different ways in which you can continue to volunteer after your trip is over.

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1. Volunteer locally

Be it the teaching project that you worked in or an animal rescue center – You can make your experience count. Reach out to a local charity or animal care center and use the skills that you learnt on your volunteer trip abroad. This way you can carry on the legacy you so fondly built on during your trip.

2. Create your own team of volunteers

Coming back home from a volunteering trip means reuniting with your local buddies, relatives, colleagues, and neighbors. Take time and select like minded people who would want to volunteer in any of the local initiative with you.

3. Share your experience

Tell the people around you about the things you saw, learnt, did, and helped improve during your sojourn. This is a nice way to motivate others around you to indulge in humanitarian work as well. Select local schools, conduct seminars in local community hall of your neighborhood, speak to people in your church. You can also write your experience and share it online.

4. Be in touch with

If it was a placement organization that you volunteered abroad with, don’t break your contact with them even after your program is over and you are back home. There will be batches arriving after yours’ is over. There are always new opportunities that might arrive of your interest. Even the fellow volunteer mates you became friends with for the period of time you spent together volunteering abroad; be in constant touch with them and understand what they are up to.

5. Keep adding knowledge

Once you reach home and have settled down back in routine, take out time and read about the cause you worked for while volunteering abroad. Learn about the root causes for the problem and if the same persists somewhere else too, and how that is been dealt with. Learn different ways and platforms to eradicate such social evils.

6. Look for international careers

One of the best ways to continue volunteering is to look for the next opportunity; in a different location this time may be. You can take this up as a career option on international level as well. So, let say you worked for child care program or may be teaching project abroad, you can always look for international career options in teaching/education for the poor. The teaching volunteer programs abroad offered by VolSol are also highly recommended for participants looking for TEFL certification and want to continue teaching after the project is over.

Volunteering abroad is one way to showcase the act of altruism and help improve the society. It is not time or region bounded. These were just a few of the ways to keep up the good work you started few weeks back. For more information, contact [email protected] and get answers to all your volunteer abroad queries. Let the dice rolling!

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