How Volunteering is A Trump of Traveling Abroad


No need to get all jazzed up here. We are not talking about the newly elected (45th) president of the United States. Traveling and volunteering is what’s more important than any other thing; we believe. And, that’s exactly what this is all about.

On a different note, however, the sheer analogy between the results of the recently concluded US elections and the theme of this article is pretty compelling; to say the least.

To ‘Trump’ itself means outranking someone/something. And volunteering abroad is, most certainly, the way that outshines any other form of traveling places.

Be it an adventure travel, leisure holiday, family trip, or weekend getaway with friends. Even a solo trip has never been so fruitful and rewarding than what you may experience on a volunteer trip abroad.

So, what exactly makes volunteer travel the ‘Trump’ of traveling abroad!? Let’s start with the reasonings;

No hassle when everything’s taken care of


So you might be planning for an all adventure trip with your friends and an African country is the obvious first choice. Now comes the series of headaches marching all over; such as, making bote room bookings, itinerary designing, looking for adventure activity options, and the most important, where to do it all.

Let’s pull out the trump card here then!

Volunteering Solutions offer placements in 6 extraordinary countries in Africa. Planning a volunteer trip to any of these will not only allow you to experience the adrenaline of jungle safaris and other adventure activities, but also will cut out all the headaches you would’ve had to bear otherwise.

From living arrangements to itinerary designing, as well as planning weekend getaways to experience the true African adventure; everything’s been taken care of by VolSol.


Make the most of it

How many times have you read, seen, or heard about making the most of your travel expedition!? Decent amount of times I suppose.

But, has it ever occurred to you as to how one actually make the most of a trip? Is there a method or something!?

Indeed, there is.

Traveling like a local than a mere tourist at a new destination allows you to make the most of your trip by letting you interact closely with the natives. And not just that, you get to live with the locals that opens up the opportunity to learn about the history, traditions, culture, and the entire local lifestyle in a much better and authentic manner.


Experience it all in one go

Experience leisure, experience adventure, experience good food, experience hospitality, experience comfort, and most important, experience the joy of giving.

It is only during a volunteer abroad travel that you get to experience it all in one go.

The comfort of staying with a family gives you the feeling of living in a home-away-from-home. The weekend getaways to some of the best tourist spots in and around the placement destination will let you soak in the adventure experience and provide you the cultural insight. The best recommended food joints, shopping arcades, and more.

And, most importantly, the trump angle; volunteering. Letting you work for the welfare and development of the poor and unfortunates.  The sheer sense of satisfaction and completeness that you get after seeing those smiling faces around you is unparalleled.


Leave unemployed and return with a job offer

No! You don’t appear for interviews while volunteering abroad. It was a metaphor for Christ’s sake.

Volunteering abroad has a lot of career benefits attached with it that can help dearly in shimmering your job profile or resume with extraordinary work experience.

This is highly unlikely to acquire from a regular holiday trip or vacationing abroad; unless, of course, you are working for the likes of the NatGeos or the Lonely Planets.

Adding volunteer work to your travel expedition helps you attain enormous international work experience and exposure to a new lifestyle. What adds to this already awesome way of getting hands-on work experience are the amazing internship opportunities offered by Volunteering Solutions.

So, while, the latest US elections have played the ‘Trump’ card, it’s time for you to play your own. Whether a Trump supporter or not, adding volunteer work to your travel expedition is surely going to give you that much needed peace of mind after a nerve wrecking elections.

Register your spot today at [email protected] and add that trump card up your sleeves right away.

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