List Of Tasks To Be Done By A Volunteer In Tanzania

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Many face the conundrum about the assigned role as a volunteer abroad once they get registered for a project. What, when, how, where? All sorts of queries build up in each volunteer’s mind. Volunteering Solutions has been placing gapers and backpackers from more than 8 years now in different parts of the world, under various projects.

In Tanzania, Volunteering Solutions provide programs in two different cities, and both the locations with different set of projects to choose from. Here is a detailed list of tasks for each of them;

Volunteer Projects in Arusha


Orphanage Volunteering Program

–  Work alongside the existing staff in taking care for the children in orphanages.

  Feeding, dressing and keeping the children active within the homes.

  Help the children in their homework and play games with them to engage them in playful activities.

  Assist in the office of the orphanage to make them more organized and run in a more efficient manner.

  Teach the kids, play with them, prepare their daily records, get involved in preparing their dishes, help in washing their cloth and some administrative work as well.

Teaching Volunteering Program

  Work as a teacher assistant in the placement and, assist the current teachers and staff.

  Teach English, Math, Geography and Science to the students.

  Bring interesting teaching materials, books, stationary, flash cards and games.  

Healthcare Medical Program

As the name suggests, under this program volunteers

  Work in medical clinics, dispensaries and hospitals, in and around the city of Arusha.

  Pre-medical students can assist local doctors and staff in basic tasks such as checking weight and temperature, cleaning wounds and also doing administrative tasks at the placement.

  Medical students can help in checking blood pressure, suturing wounds, and doing rounds with patients.

  Work in areas of maternal health, surgery, laboratories, counseling and testing etc.


Volunteer Projects in Zanzibar


Teaching English Volunteer Program

  Taking classes for students in primary, secondary, and even nursery schools.

  Teaching them some basic English language and, help to get confident in speaking and writing English.

  Assist in-house teachers in conducting classes and other administrative works.

  Design a proper study module for the children to follow.

  Involve students in out – of – the – class activities to teach them the importance of physical activity.

Medical Volunteering

  Assist the medical staff on duty.

  Get to understand the medical procedures in Zanzibar.

  Provide assistance in various medical departments, depending upon your background; such as, maternity ward, eye clinic, dental department, gynecology department, first aid department, etc.

It may sound a bit tricky and hectic, but the work involved while volunteering under any of the projects in Tanzania is pretty simple and fun more so. Get enrolled in Volunteer Abroad Programs in Tanzania and get in touch with our program advisor at [email protected].

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