Medical Volunteering Program In Zanzibar, Tanzania

Trip Highlights

  • Lose yourself to the amazing atmosphere on this beautiful archipelago, with turquoise beaches and vast open waters.
  • Visit the world heritage site of stone town to witness the authentic swahili culture.
  • Volunteer work at local hospitals and dispensaries, and provide significant support towards the healthcare facilities in Zanzibar.
  • Explore the bustling markets of the city. 
  • Try out some of the best local cuisines in the city.


Off the shore of the African mainland, Zanzibar is an archipelago which is a part of Tanzania. Like the case in most Third World regions, Zanzibar has the tradition of early marriages and the case of teen pregnancy can be found in abundance. Healthcare system of Zanzibar is not very strong and often faces infrastructural and administrative challenges. The patient-doctor ratio is also a huge challenge. Medical Volunteering Program in Zanzibar will give you the opportunity to assist in 2 hospitals in a variety of medical disciplines for, both, students and qualified nurses as well as doctors.

The following departments are available for volunteers :-

  • Nurses
  • Doctors
  • Midwives
  • Physiotherapists

It will be a challenging experience to assist and work in a hospital that doesn't have adequate staff, has limited resources and long queues of patients waiting to be treated. One of the challenges is that the wards do not have its own sterilization facilities and everything needs to be sent to the main hospital to be sterilized.

Your role as a volunteer in the medical program will be primarily to assist the local staff on duty. This can differ depending on what level of expertise you have, and for students, it will be more about shadowing the professionals. The challenging circumstances will help you to learn from practical experiences. Volunteers in the past have delivered babies, taken blood, changed dressings, assisted with minor surgery and other activities. This is an opportunity for volunteers to gain international work experience and come out of their comfort zone. It will be challenging, so volunteers with a healthy dose of independence and flexibility will enjoy learning how the healthcare system works in Zanzibar.

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