These Are The Best Possible Ways To Get Engaged In A Volunteer Project

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Volunteering Solutions has been placing volunteers in different parts of the country under various programs for more than 8 years now, and one thing we advise to all our volunteers is to get involved in the project as much as possible.

In continuation to that, here are few simple ways in which you can show your involvement in a project and make the best of your travel time.


1. Be dedicated and focused about your project

This is one of the key aspects of showing your involvement in the project. Always be punctual in arriving at your project location and executing the tasks given to you. Although the time required to be spent for a project per day does not exceed beyond 6-7 hours, it is of utmost importance for the volunteers to consider staying overtime if the need arises.

2. Know about the insides of the project

As a volunteer, it is of great benefit to know and understand about the project you have registered for. This not only helps you in preparing yourself for the project accordingly but also give you a window to contemplate on how you can justify your participation in it. Also, it keeps your expectations straight and clear for the project you are going to attend.

For example: if you have decided to join a Teaching Program in India, you can take the time to understand the education structure in India, the famous writers/authors, etc. You’ll also be aware of what to teach and what not to the students.

3. Learn about the recipients of the program

Communicating is the best form of bonding. When you volunteer for a project, it is always a good practice to interact with the people involved in the project, especially, the recipients.

For example: if you are working under an Orphanage Volunteer Project, then try and interact as much as you can with the children at the center. Try and learn about their hobbies, likes, dislikes, lifestyle, routine, etc. This will help you to be more productive towards them.

4. Read about the culture of the destination

Understanding about the culture and traditions of a country helps you decide on several important factors, such as,

         Behavioral patterns: When you are traveling to a different destination, then it is essential to focus on your behavioral patterns. Remember that you are the representative of your society in a foreign land. 

         Dos and Don’ts: Each country has its own set of rules and norms that people usually follow, and when you are there, it’s good to stick by those. As the famous saying goes, “When in Rome, be like the Romans”.

         Where to find what: The internet is full of information about where to go, places to see, what to eat and which are the best restaurants, where to go for shopping and much more. Do the research properly before you set sail.

         Dialects: Who doesn’t love to learn a foreign language? A volunteer trip would be the best chance for you to learn the local dialect while being with the natives. Learn the basics and greet your hosts in their mother tongue – trust me, you’ll be loved more!

          Festivals: Every country has some special festival that is celebrated with pomp and grandeur. Be a part of a festival with your host community to know them better. It’s an opportunity of a lifetime, and I’m sure you don’t want to miss it.

5. Be proactive and innovative

Thinking out of the box always help. When volunteering for a project, you must always try and figure out new ways and methods of executing the tasks in hand. Take the children for a day out, to a park, or simply for an ice-cream.

You can ask the local coordinator or consult your placement organization about the things you can provide for the project, which is deficient; such as, books and other stationaries for the children in school, new clothes or shoes or any other accessories at the Orphanage centers, any electronic item or furniture that is a necessity but is not available for the project at the time you are volunteering there. Innovation has no boundaries, and being proactive is limitless.

Remember that the more you get involved in the project you have registered for, the more you will be able to justify your purpose for travel, and the more the memories you would be creating for future.

To know more on this and other FAQs about volunteering abroad, get in touch with our program advisor at [email protected].

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