Most Recommended Volunteering Abroad Programs 2020


Every year, a number of high school pass outs and college students travel abroad to volunteer under a program. This is done as a regular activity by several gappers to enhance their interpersonal skills and gain international exposure. It is also noted that several universities and corporates consider volunteering abroad during gap year traveling as a point of merit, which enhances the chances of the candidates to get the admission or get hired. Volunteering Solutions has been placing several such college students under different volunteer programs abroad from close to a decade now, and today bring you the list of programs to be chosen from for the coming year. Here is the complete list:

1. Childcare Volunteering Program

childcare volunteering in kenya

The Childcare volunteering program is one of the most chosen and interesting projects offered by Volunteering Solutions. The project requires volunteers to take care of adolescents who have lost their parents, or have been abandoned by them, and are forced to live the life they certainly do not deserve. Under this project, volunteers are placed at childcare centers, and centers for street children.  

The project is certainly challenging, as it involves a lot of creative thinking to keep the children happy and intrigued. And that is exactly why it is well suited for young college lads looking for some challenging volunteer program abroad. Being without their parents, all these children need is the love and affection to show that there is someone who cares for them. The average age of a child under this project is 10 years, which goes to show the importance of handling the project with utmost care.

2. Teaching Volunteering Program


Another very famous, and certainly a perfect, volunteer program for college students. We all understand the importance of education, and that is exactly what the volunteers under this program are supposed to do; educate children. Volunteers taking part in the Teaching Program abroad will be placed at local and government schools in rural areas where there is a scarcity of quality faculty. Volunteers, also, get a chance to share their experiences with the kids, share the information about their country’s culture and traditions, and make these children aware about several social norms to generate basic civic sense.  

Also, volunteers can get involved in basic administrative work to make the school premises, the teaching schedule, and the way of teaching the students more interesting and enjoyable. Assisting in-house faculty during lectures or taking an entire class individually; all depends upon how comfortable a volunteer is. There are different sets of teaching opportunities a volunteer can get; such as teaching monks, teaching English, teaching computer skills, and basic level classes.

3. Community Development Program

volunteer work in Ghana with volsol

A global survey report by UN estimated the total population of homeless people in the world to be around 100 million, and it doesn’t end here. There is an estimated count of close to 1 billion people who lack adequate housing facility. Such facts and figures push forward the need for immense community development efforts. It is for this that Community Development programs hold a strong importance in our society.

There are several NGOs in the rural areas in different parts of the world, which are working for a stronger community and Volunteering Solutions supports this effort by placing overseas volunteers under these projects. This is a complete outdoor activity where volunteers will be working to build and/or repair houses, school premises, and shelter homes. Volunteers work with the local NGOs who run projects and community building activities and help them achieve the targets.  For example, there are community development projects offered in Ghana, where volunteers help in constructing the damaged parts of the building and give it a fresh new look with paints, etc.

4. Wildlife and Conservation Program

girl-feeding-elephant in Thailand elephant camp

One of the best programs to preserve the ecosystem, the Wildlife and Conservation projects (as the name suggests) are inclined to the preservation of animals and the entire biodiversity. Volunteers get an opportunity to be a part of the team of activists working to make the environment better and cleaner and working towards the betterment of the wildlife. There are programs located in animal rescue centers, elephant village and camps, marine camps, and more.

Volunteers, who are enthusiastic about wildlife and ecosystem conservation MUST go for any of these programs and get a live hands-on experience of working to build a better, safer, and cleaner environment.  

5. Medical Health Care Program


Majority of volunteering projects are located in underdeveloped or developing nations, where maximum population resides in the rural areas of the country. While the medical facilities in such areas are scarcely limited, there is lack of awareness regarding personal hygiene and precautionary steps against diseases. Volunteers from the medical background; such as pre-med and medical students, as well as medical practitioners, are best suited for this program as they get to provide essential support to the medical conditions in these areas.

It is, conversely, beneficial for the volunteers as well, especially the students, as they get an unprecedented hands-on experience of working under tough circumstances that will help them dearly in their career prospects. Even those who are already practicing medicine can gain heavy benefits out of such programs, as they get a strong boost to their career.  

6. Women Empowerment Program


Under the Women Empowerment program, volunteers will be working for the enhancement and betterment of underprivileged women from poor families and those who have been victims of social crimes. The normal age of women under these programs is 18 years, which reflects the sensitivity and seriousness of the project. Being victims of life, the moral of these girls are completely thrashed and volunteers are required to provide that much-needed support and motivation to these women.  

Volunteers can also take classes for the girls, where they can teach them computer skills, regular subjects, or any other extra-curricular skill; such as knitting, sewing, painting, etc. to make them self-dependent.

Choose from a range of volunteer abroad programs that suits your interest and fits your skills the best for volunteer travel. If you are finding it difficult to decide which program would be best for you, or not sure whether the program you have chosen is available or not in the country you want to travel to, then stop biting the nails. Just speak with our advisors at [email protected] and clear all your queries immediately.  

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