Reasons To Choose Volunteering Abroad For Budget Traveling


If someone says they don’t consider budget when planning a trip abroad, they are lying; or maybe you’re talking to Bill Gates! The fact is, while planning an expedition abroad, the cost of the entire trip is one of the foremost factors that come into consideration. One of the most cost-effective and meaningful ways of traveling abroad is to go for a volunteer vacation.

You would ask ‘Why?’ Well, here are some of the strong reasons to justify this claim:

travel on budget

1. Living requirements are taken care of

When you volunteer abroad under a program, your accommodation is been taken care of by the placement organization you have registered with. The fee that you pay during the registration and for the program, inversely cover your accommodation and meals. Volunteering Solutions provide great living conditions, with accommodation either in a fully furnished volunteer house or with a local host family.

2. Weekend excursions were never so cheap

Under special volunteer abroad programs, such as Summer Volunteering and 2 Weeks Special Volunteer & Travel, the fee which you pay will also cover your weekend excursion trips to the nearby tourist hotspots, along with the living requirements. Thus, all you need to pay for, in the entire trip, is your personal expense; such as food, shopping, entry fee at monuments, etc.

3. You don’t need to pay extra for local guidance

One of the key traveling abroad barriers is the anonymity of the place; including language, ethics, places to visit, and more. This becomes even more important when the purpose of traveling is to volunteer under a program, as you work closely with the local people and need to be informed about even the smallest of the information regarding the local lifestyle and social nuances. So to volunteer abroad for budget traveling you need to look no further, we are here at your rescue! While a general tourist traveler would always look for hiring a local guide, Volunteering Solutions has appointed a full-time in-country coordinator (in each of the destination) to help and guide the volunteers throughout their sojourn.

4. The benefit of tasting authentic local cuisines

Most of the programs that we offer come with stay arranged with local families at their residency. After your day’s work when you come back to your dwell, maybe tired, you are greeted with a mouth-watering and refreshing food making you feel at home and satisfying your taste buds at the same time. So no more hunting for authentic local food joints to gulp on the highly discussed dish that you might have heard of at different forums on social media or visiting the renowned restaurant at the heart of the town to burn a hole in your pocket.

5. Local transportation well sorted

Be it the local bus to catch or hop on a sharing rickshaw, you are never too sure about the transfer patterns at a certain location in a different country when you are new the place. Getting proper guidance from the host family can do wonders in this category – saving both of your money and time. Rather than relying on a cab and Google Maps and being clueless about fares, prior information and estimate will bound to make your day a lot easier and well planned.

6. Medical emergencies will no longer be a nightmare

So your stomach is aching at the middle of the night and you are clueless about the place to visit and the person to contact at the new destination you flew in maybe just two weeks back. We have you covered with you having an option to reach out to the host family at the very first place. Maybe the medicine to help you digest food will be available with them right their place. If the situation is even worse our medical team at Volunteering Solutions would be dedicated for you throughout the trip!

7. The local attractions that you cannot afford to miss

Of course, you are here traveling for a responsible cause. But that does not mean you are sitting idle at your evenings and weekends on every single day of your program. There should be a list of the local places that you must think of exploring while even coming to the country or having been suggested by the locals. While you may have been handed with a list in numbers of thirty to forty to be visited and all listed as ‘must-see”, the ones that you really cannot afford to skip and should pay a visit would actually be best advised by your local friends and your host.

8. The ‘savior’ in case of cash emergency

Even though we here at Volunteering Solutions take care of each and every aspect of your travel before you actually fly off, this can be a possibility of you running out of cash in local currency and stuck in the middle of something really important/urgent. Your community you deal with at the work or even the family that you stay with – can come to the rescue big time recovering you from a situation that could turn out to be worse or giving you a panic attack.

9. You get the best markets for cost-effective shopping

The best part about traveling abroad… Shopping! Even during a volunteering expedition abroad, this activity remains an integral part of the travel. And with the support of the in-country coordinator and other local friends that you make during your stay, you get access to some of the cheapest and best markets in the area to shop from. Also, it is a fact that most of the volunteering destinations are either underdeveloped or developing countries with a relatively weaker economy, and thus makes purchasing a cost-effective affair.

10. Cherish and take back with you a New Family

The experience of an international Volunteer program becomes more cherishable when you go back home and still have plenty of incidents that bring a smile to your face at their very thought.
Getting to celebrate a birthday at the family during your stay or involve in any other family function, getting up-close with the local cultures and helping you interact with locals with everything listed above – implemented. Your bond with the place, its people and with Volunteering Solutions – we are bound to make it stronger, urging you to come back for more experiences!

What we conclude from the overall effect of these benefits is that during your entire stay, the majority of travel expenses, viz., accommodation and meals are covered for you, leaving you with all the time to simply enjoy every moment of your travel. So, if you are looking for a great travel experience, something more meaningful, and within your budget, then make sure you are traveling to volunteer abroad this time.

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