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There is a huge difference between being fluent in English and teaching it as a foreign language. There are certain hacks and tricks that one needs to master, in order to be an efficient English teacher. And in the last few years, there has been a rise in the demand for learning English as an international language, and it’s being introduced as a compulsory second language in classrooms all over the world. As per data, around 1.7 billion people were learning English worldwide, including 300 million in China alone, in 2015.

No matter whether you are passionate about being a teacher or wish to be a digital nomad, exploring the world earning money, your online TEFL certification will surely come in handy.

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What exactly is a TEFL Certification?

TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) is a certification that gives teachers a chance to teach the English language to non-native English speakers especially in a country that does not use English as their primary language. This certification is the most used and accepted qualification to teach English abroad.

Volunteering Solutions, in association with TEFL UK, has introduced the TEFL Certification Course for high school graduates, gap year travelers, aspiring teachers, mid-life career changers, as well as experienced teachers, who are keen to learn the art of teaching English while traveling the whole world and earning a living at the same time.

Why Should You Opt For an Online TEFL Course With Volunteering Solutions?

  • We have tied up with TEFL UK, one of the most renowned organizations, with course rates of 4.60 out of 5 on
  • Ensuring more than 1,000s of job opportunities every month
  • No prior teaching experience necessary to take our courses
  • Once you join the course, you’ll have lifetime access to course materials You can teach English online, overseas, set up your own teaching company
  • The possibilities with TEFL are endless!
  • We support English Education in the world’s poorest communities
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Here Are The Reasons To Get Your TEFL Certification Online Right Now 🙂

1. You’ll Be Qualified For Online Job Opportunities

In today’s date, having an online income opportunity can change your life in several ways, giving you the freedom to live and work from anywhere in the world. Teaching English online is surely one of the most flexible and fun ways to earn a remote living. You’ll have more jobs to choose from and could even earn a higher starting pay rate compared to teachers without TEFL certificates. 

Once you have done your TEFL Certification Course, you can teach classes when it suits your schedule, and even use online teaching as your full income source. Having a TEFL certification will give you the best chance of finding an online teaching job and will help you stand out above the competition.

2. Get Paid More Than Usual

Considering the amount of money you could make as an English teacher, the investment in a TEFL certificate is relatively small. If you’re wondering about the benefits of having a TEFL certificate, then let me tell you that international teaching jobs will surely pay you more than usual. You’ll be learning about the basics of teaching, focusing on activity-based methods, gain skills to make the class more interactive, etc. The more experience you have, the better you’ll be paid.

3. Become A Digital Nomad & Work From Anywhere

I’ve said this above and I’m going to say it again! For all you people who are bitten by the wanderlust bug, there can’t be a better choice than this! Being a digital nomad means that you can work remotely, and it doesn’t matter which part of the world you’re in, as long as you have your laptop & access to the internet. And in the current situation, taking a TEFL certification course online is one of the best options, as it can be used when the pandemic is over!

Dreaming of a workation, already?

4. Your TEFL Certificate Will Never Expire!

Yeah, you read it right. The TEFL certificate issued by TEFL UK will never expire. That means that once you hold a TEFL certificate, you’ll be able to use it for life, and also, you’ll have lifetime access to course materials. Even if your plans change for now and you don’t end up teaching right away, you can always pursue it as an option later in life.

5. Challenge Yourself While You Work As A Teacher

Being a teacher in your own country can be easy, but teaching kids in a different country would require you to be patient, understanding, social, skilled, and interactive. Given those requirements, it is clear that it’s gonna be a complicated job – and the TEFL Course will prepare you for the same. The best part about this is, you can learn more about the country where you’ll be teaching (even if it’s online). You can also improve your teaching abilities by interacting with students who have different personalities and cultural traits.

6. You’ll Meet Like-Minded People

Even though it’s an online course, you’ll get to meet a bunch of like-minded people, who’re enthusiastic enough to opt for this and travel as you do! You’ll also get to connect with teachers, who have already traveled and taught in various countries. Surely, it’ll be a great opportunity for you to gain insights into first-hand teaching experiences, and also know how the education system functions in different parts of the world. It’ll widen your social circle, and maybe, when you land up in a foreign land, you might just get to meet some of them and explore the destination together.

7. Getting A Visa Will Be Easier

If you have a TEFL Certificate and a teaching job abroad, then the organization that has hired you will also help you obtain a working visa to travel. Thus, most of the paperwork will be taken care of, and in case you’re lucky, they might just pay for your Visa as well. What more can one ask for?

8. Make A Difference As A TEFL Teacher

Volunteering Solutions is working in 26 countries across the globe, aiming to spread the lights of education among the poor. You can be a volunteer teacher abroad and make a difference in the most meaningful manner, igniting hope & dreams amongst the youth in the underdeveloped parts of the world.

9. Gain A Knowledge Of Pedagogy

According to Wikipedia, Pedagogy, most commonly understood as the approach to teaching, is the theory and practice of learning, and how this process influences, and is influenced by, the social, political, and psychological development of learners. A TEFL Course will not only help you to gain more knowledge about pedagogy, but it’ll also let you become a pro! It’ll make you understand that teaching is a lot more than the sharing of knowledge. It’s the act of being receptive to the many styles of learners that you’ll eventually have in front of you.

The minimum duration of the online TEFL Course with Volunteering Solutions is 120 hours, but you can choose a longer course for an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the field. As a part of the course, you will get to learn about Grammatical Awareness, Lesson Planning, Building a Lesson Plan, Teaching Children Through Games & Interactive Learning, etc. 

No matter whether you plan to teach online and work remotely or want to teach in-person in the country of your dreams, getting an online TEFL certification is the first step to making that a reality. In case you need more information about the course, you can get in touch with our Program Advisors. Drop us a mail at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you!

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