Everything You Must Know About Winter Break Volunteer Programs Abroad 2024

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You’ve already wasted a lot of time dreaming about traveling to your favorite destination, but this entire Corona Pandemic has spoilt all your plans, we know! You thought several times about volunteering abroad, but for some reason or the other, your plans always got scrapped. Now, you have another golden opportunity! The Winter Breaks are approaching, and it’s time to start planning if you really wish to visit a distant land and work there for the natives. Don’t procrastinate because you shouldn’t miss another chance!

If you are still hunting for reasons to convince yourself for a volunteer trip, then here are 5 reasons that you absolutely can’t ignore!

Winter Break volunteer programs

It’s your chance to take up the cause of spreading happiness in someone else’s life!

And I’m not kidding! Once you’ll travel abroad and spend time with the locals in a distant land, you’ll realize that bonding with people isn’t difficult when there are love and warmth in the hearts of all. You’ll see how people are content with the little things that they have and you’ll believe in the saying – “Money can’t buy happiness”. Hugging the little ones at an orphanage or sharing the stories of women at a project site will make you feel a sense of satisfaction from within. You’ll realize that nothing in this world can be more precious than seeing someone smile because of you. You’ve always cared for your near and dear ones and you’ll keep caring for them throughout your life – but for now, take some time out and go for a volunteering trip to a Third World country to care for those whom you don’t know, yet they’ll touch your heart and move your soul.

Do something absolutely different to celebrate this Christmas!

Christmas is that time of the year when there are joy and merriment in the air. You’ve always celebrated Christmas at home, with family and friends. But how about celebrating Christmas with your hosts in a distant land while volunteering for their community? It’ll also be an opportunity to know how people in that particular country celebrate the festival of warmth in the month of snow! Gift something to strangers and receive presents from those whom you’ll probably never meet again in life. You might miss the aroma of the cake that your mother will bake, but the missings won’t be much as you’ll be engrossed by unknown fragrances that are equally tantalizing.

Discover a completely new side of yourself.

Yeah, that’s going to be the best part of your journey – meeting a new you! You’ve probably underestimated yourself throughout your life thinking about the things that you can’t do, maybe because you never tried them. This is your chance to step out of your comfort zone and take up challenges and beat them in the most amazing manner. Put your skills and ideas to proper use, seek help from others and share your strengths when someone needs it – you’ll see that you have so much potential within yourself. A volunteering journey is very different from regular holidays – and at the end of it, you’ll return home as a more mature person.

Travel to distant places with a bunch of new friends!

family volunteering malaysia

You’ll get to travel abroad – what more do you ask for? You’ve always traveled with friends who have been there in your life since forever. They know you well and thus, their presence can always create a comfort zone for you. Now, imagine, how it would be like to travel with a bunch of new friends who were strangers initially! They are from different corners of the world, belonging to different cultures and speaking different languages. But you’ll all connect at some point – and the basic fact that all of you have traveled enough to be a part of a noble job, together. This is your chance to explore with your new friends, to know about their lands and to share your stories.

Boost your Resume.

To be very honest, a volunteering journey is like a coin with two sides – and unlike many other things, this always creates a ‘WIN-WIN’ situation. While being a volunteer, you’ll serve society and do something meaningful for your host community, it’ll add to your skill set and boost your resume. It’ll be an opportunity for you to learn new things that you can use later in life. This will keep you ahead of your peers who still haven’t experienced any such thing. Your future employer would trust you more, knowing that you’ve been a part of something that was linked to some noble work. Volunteering is an effective way to gain first-hand work experience in the international sphere which will surely boost your career.

Now that you know the reasons, let’s find out some of the best volunteering programs that you can opt for your Winter Break 2024.

Street Children Volunteering Program, India

Well, Indian winters are perfect – you can soak in the sun during the day, and enjoy the chilly nights while volunteering for the Street Children Program in New Delhi. Being a part of this program, you’ll mostly be working at the shelter homes, where the kids dwelling on the streets are provided a roof, food, and basic education. These kids belong to the underprivileged sections of society and aren’t lucky enough to get proper love and care from their immediate families. Thus, we aim to offer a secure life to these children, so that they can at least have access to the minimum necessities required for survival. Volunteering for this project will help you to get closer to them, and you can shower them with utmost love and guide them to have a better future.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most popular volunteering programs in India and we host hundreds of people each year, who join these kids at the shelter homes, spreading happiness and making a difference in their lives. This winter, you can also be a Santa for them, bringing a bag full of joy and sprinkling it in their otherwise mundane lives!

Elephant 2 Beaches Volunteering Program, Thailand

Thailand can never be a bad idea and if you think that you wish to have some ‘Work & Play’ kinda winter break, then we suggest you go for the funfilled Elephant 2 Beaches Voluntour, that’ll let you work with the elephants and mahouts (caregivers) at a quaint village in Chiang Mai, before hitting the beaches! It’ll be an incredible experience as you’ll get to live a rural Thai life for a week, taking care of the gentle giants, and feeding them, bathing them as well as exploring Chiang Mai. You’ll get to know more about the lives of the mahouts and how they have dedicated their lives to the well-being of the elephants. Once you are done volunteering with the elephants, you can head off to the beaches of Koh Tao and Koh Phangan, partying with your fellow travel mates as well as soaking in the beach vibes, binge on authentic Thai delicacies, and visit a marine park to know about the world underwater.

Your winter holidays will surely turn into an adventurous joyride, as you explore Thailand, a tad bit differently, with us!

Childcare & Social Welfare Program, South Africa

If you are looking for exploring South Africa and go for some thrilling game drives, then you might as well take up this opportunity to serve the underprivileged society and spend time with the little ones as well as the women living here. Being a volunteer for this program, you’ll mostly get to work in childcare centers, safe houses for women and children or in a home for physically and mentally challenged children. The program location is in and around Cape Town, so you’ll have plenty of time to explore and tick off the tourist spots from your checklist. It’ll be the perfect blend of volunteer and travel that you’re seeking.

Medical Internship Programs in India, Nepal, Peru & Thailand

For all those Pre-Med, Medical, Dental & Nursing students who are thinking of setting out for a learning journey during their Winter Break, what can be better than a Medical Internship Program Abroad? Not only will this help you to gain first-hand international work experience, but it’ll also help you to know more about the healthcare scenario in developing nations. You’ll get to work in private or public hospitals, clinics, or healthcare centers, which are mostly catering to the needs of the underprivileged sections of society. This will be an incredible opportunity for you to serve the people as well while working under professional guidance.

Volunteering Solutions offers amazing and affordable Medical Internships in Asia & Latin America, for a duration of 2 Weeks or more – and it can be perfect for you to spend your winter vacation abroad, indulging in something meaningful. You can also make good use of your free time, exploring the host country.

So stop wasting time and start planning for your volunteering journey during the upcoming winter break. Experience the journey and inspire others to do good.

If you need more information, then drop us a mail at [email protected] – and our experts will soon get back to you.
Bon Voyage!

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