10 Souvenirs to Buy While Volunteering Abroad


A souvenir is a token, a memory of your trip abroad or any other place you might have visited.  So, we decided to bring to you a list of great souvenirs you can bring back home while on your volunteering trip abroad. Just have a look and let us know what do you like to bring back from your next travel destination.

1. Tea – India

Indians can not do without their “chai” (tea), as they call it here. An amazing souvenir to get back from India is Darjeeling or Assam tea grown in eastern region of India and famous for its taste all over the world.

Assam Tea, Darjeeling Tea


2. Alpaca Rugs and Throws – Peru

Please your friends by gifting a Peruvian Alpaca rug with hand-made artistry. Peru is famous for its textile art.  You can find some rich colors and unique native designs here.

Peruvian blanket


3. Singing bowls – Nepal

This one is my favorite from the list, if you are going to Nepal, you can buy singing bowls which makes most soothing ceremonial sound and heal your mind and soul. It is basically used for meditation since the ancient times in Nepal.

chakra bowls

4. Ao Dai – Vietnam

 Ao Dai is a long gown worn with trousers by Vietnamese women, it’s the traditional dress of Vietnam and a must buy for the ladies. Get one for yourself or family.

Vietnamese Traditional Dress


5. Antique Peranakan ceramic tiles – Singapore

If you are looking for something truly Singaporean, you can buy Peranakan tiles which are famous for its detail work and beauty.

Singapore Peranakan Tiles


6. Gems or Batiks Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is famous for its variety of gems, mainly for rubies and sapphires.  You can either go for this or the next best option Batiks. Batiks is the artistic form of making prints on the clothes and a great thing to fill your bag with.

Batik Prints


7. Silk Scarf – Cambodia

Cambodia is famous for its high quality silk. The silk here is handmade, woven by the local people of the town. It takes several weeks in weaving the simple single piece of cloth. It may be costly but a good buy.

Silk Scarves

8. Porcelain – China

Porcelain originated in China, so you get the best pieces when you are there. Every piece is unique in itself and depicts the refined sculpture and workmanship of Chinese people.

Fine China, Ceramic pot


9. Silverware – Thailand

If you are travelling to Thailand than buying silver based products is the best idea as you can find some exclusive pieces of silver jewelry, plates, and cups. There are many silver shops in Chiang Mai and Bangkok, right at your volunteering location.

Thailand Silverware


10. Carpets – Morocco

While volunteering in Rabat, the best thing to get from here is the Moroccan carpet. You can use it to either decorate your house or  to gift others. It is traditionally woven by hand with intricate border designs and beautiful geometric patterns which will be easily liked by anyone.

Berber carpets

So this was our top picks, share with us what you brought back home from your trips abroad.


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