What To Expect From Summer Volunteer Trip To Thailand

calendar_today September 22, 2016
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Thailand is one of that handful of destinations in the world that show up on every traveler’s bucket list; at any given time of the year. However, it is the summer break time when most plan their trips abroad, especially, students planning their gap year. And what better could be that taking a summer volunteer trip to Thailand.

Volunteering Solutions offers a specially designed adventure travel experience, for college students on their gap year, in Thailand. And here’s what one can expect from it;


1. An Opportunity To Make A Difference

The main objective of any volunteer travel expeditions is to contribute your skills, time, and effort to the volunteer program. Under the Summer volunteering program in Thailand, volunteers will have the opportunity to work for the welfare and development of local communities

A real treat for wildlife enthusiasts as well, who get to volunteer work for elephants in an elephant village outside mainland Surin.

2. An Extended List Of Friends

Volunteering abroad, also, works as a platform to meet new people from different parts of the world, speaking different languages, and have different ethnicity. While on a summer volunteer trip to Thailand, travelers get to meet and interact closely with local people and understand their lifestyle better. There is an opportunity to create a special bond with them that may last for the lifetime.

Also, the fact that the entire batch of volunteers consists of travelers from different parts of the world, makes way for an opportunity to make friends from across the globe.  

3. A Platter Of Delicious Cuisine

Thailand is known for its beaches, nightlife, adventure activities, and local markets. But, maybe what not many are aware of is that Thailand is, also, a great destination for palate trippers. And, while one can always check out the local restaurants and food cafes, it is the street food stalls that you must try to get that authentic taste of Thai cuisine.

Dishes like Pad Thai, Khao Pad, Tom Yum Gung, Gai Yang, are some of the most famous foods in Thailand, and something you can find very easily at any food stall in the city.  Hungry already!?

4. A Heavy Dose Of Adrenaline Rush

As mentioned above, Thailand is one of the best adventure destinations in the world. Being a beach destination, there are massive options for beach adventure activities available all over the country. Thailand, also, offers one of the world’s highest bungee point to dare your adventure levels. When volunteering in Thailand, there is absolutely no dearth of adventure activities. One can opt for jungle exploration, zip linings, village treks, and more on their volunteer trip to Thailand.


5. A Number Of Experiences To Tick Off From Your List

All the points explained above, collectively, proves that there is a wide list of experiences a volunteer is set to face when on a summer volunteer program in Thailand. Be it indulging in adventure activities, tasting local cuisine, immersing in the local culture, or any other travel experience that you’ve always wanted to tick off from your list. And you never know, maybe you get an extra bonus as well; an experience that you may have never expected but get to do it while volunteering in Thailand.


Registration is open for Summer Volunteer Programs in Thailand. Hurry Up and Apply Now!

Make sure to book your spot in advance to avoid last moment hassles and, also, to avail great discounts and offers for your trip.

For more details, contact [email protected]

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