Things To Do in Costa Rica While Volunteering

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There is a famous quote in the region of Costa Rica that says, “La vida en Costa Rica es una vida pura”, which means, “The Life in Costa Rica is a Pure Life”. The life here is, indeed, filled with natural beauty and surrounded by serene ambiance… definitely No Artificial Ingredients!!!

Surrounded by amazing tropical rainforests, it is a perfect escapade for a nature lover.

It is always said that to know a place you need to know its people, their lifestyle, and their culture, and for that, it is a must to have a close interaction on a day-to-day level with them; and what better way can there be than doing a volunteering work? Set up in the capital city of San Jose, Volunteering Solutions provides ample volunteering programs to get indulged in. This not only gives you an opportunity to bring about a developing change in the community but also savor the beauty of nature from up close.

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Here is a list of things one can do while volunteering in Costa Rica;

1. Admire the architectural brilliance

With various museums and theatre houses located in the city of San Jose, one can simply admire the architectural designs, made years ago; a simple and straightforward way to understand the history, indeed. The Costa Rican Center of Science and Culture is a fortress-like building, which served as the central penitentiary till 1979.

2. Take a ride full of adventure

The land covered with dense forests, gigantic volcanoes, and quintessential beaches can never have any dearth of adventure activities; the same is the case in Costa Rica. Hiking, Surfing, trekking, canopying and lots more of adventure activities can be done, when in Costa. One can also explore the gigantic volcanoes, some of which are still active. The Arenal volcano, the Poas volcano, and the Chato volcano are few to name.

3. Embrace the gift of nature

A 2-3 hour drive from San Jose will take you to some of the most scintillating and mesmerizing forest parks in Costa. The vast land of plush green forests, having a varied flora and fauna will definitely be going to woo your senses. The Tortuguero National Park, The Corcovado National Park, and Manuel Antonio National Park are just a few to name.

4. No Artificial Ingredients

Yes! The Ticos (that’s what Costa Ricans like to call themselves) not only believe in natural living but also healthy eating as well. Seldom the use of cheese or any other milk product can be seen in the kitchens of Costa Rica. The focus is always on the use of more and more fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Rice and black beans are a part of their staple diet to a large extent. Gallo Pinto, made of rice and black beans, is one of the signature dishes in the cities. Casado, Chancletas, Ceviche, and Guaro are some of the other delicacies and traditional drinks one must try.

5. Get the best of your shopping experience

The region of Costa Rica, certainly, is more known for its natural surroundings and warm-welcoming people, but that surely doesn’t take away the charm of its market lanes and the opportunity for you to fill up your luggage with some memorable souvenirs. Grab a hand on some of the finest, purest and organically harvested fresh fruits and vegetables at the local farmer’s market (Feria). The tribal market offers some of the rarest of souvenir gift items you would find in Costa Rica.

I hope this article gave you a glimpse into the world of the Ticos and what all there is for you at the offer. Volunteering itself is such a satisfying experience, as you get to have a close interaction with the natives and get a chance to help build up the community; adding the flavor of some exploration and tasting some lip-smacking cuisine, adds up to the essence of your entire trip.

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