7 Things You Must Do While Volunteering In Zanzibar

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With dazzling beaches and coral reefs, twisting roads and a popular spice market, Zanzibar is a semi-autonomous part of Tanzania in East Africa, which portrays a beautiful confluence of the Asian and African cultures. Volunteering Solutions has two amazing programs in Zanzibar – Teaching Program and Medical Volunteering Program, for those who are looking forward to making some effective contribution to the lives of the natives of this archipelago.

During your volunteer trip to Zanzibar, your weekdays will have a preset schedule that’ll comprise of work, interaction with the locals and get to know the land more deeply. But your weekends will be free and you can explore the places, taking your own sweet time.

Apart from volunteering in Zanzibar, here are the best things that you should experience there:

Take a tour of the Stone Town

The Stone Town is supposedly the heart and soul of Zanzibar. It’s the oldest part of the archipelago which has witnessed the history through time – and it’s a place worth visiting. The Stone Town was named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000, it is known for its rich cultural heritage of Arab, Persian, Indian, and European elements. The cobbled alleyways still hold some magic that you’ll perhaps find nowhere else in the world.

Spend a day at the Jozani Forest Reserve

The Jozani Forest, which is the only indigenous forest, was transformed into a conservation area in the 1960s in the core of Zanzibar Island. If you want to spend a day amidst nature in the quiet and tranquil atmosphere – then there can be nothing better than Jozani Forest. It has several habitats including a swampy marshland that remains flooded half the time, evergreen thickets, mangroves, as well as a variety of wildlife including sykes and red colobus monkeys, bush pigs, and thousands of birds chirping to make wonderful tunes.

Get tanned at the Nungwi Beach

Nungwi is a charming little village at the Northern tip of Zanzibar which has exotic beaches where you can just sit, relax, read and get tanned! It’s one of the best beaches in Zanzibar, which has still not become a tourists’ hub and thus, you won’t find luxurious hotels and resorts around Nungwi. If you don’t mind eating some great food from beachside shacks and strolling on the beach, then this place would be a perfect weekend getaway. Deep sea fishing, parasailing, and surfing are some of the activities that you can do at Nungwi Beach.

Take a short trip to Prison Island

As the name suggests, this island once served as a prison for the slaves, which gives a glimpse of Africa’s dark past. Once the system of slavery was abolished, this island became home to those who had deadly diseases and were abandoned by the society. A half-hour boat trip from Zanzibar, Prison Island has now become a destination for the enthusiasts of history who wants to dig deeper into the land’s harsh past. However, you can visit this island to see the giant tortoises that reside at the natural reserve of the island and also see the ruins of the prisons.

Enjoy the food at the Forodhani Market

This bustling market in Stone Town opens after noon, but the best time to walk a walk down this place would be after sunset. The night is the time when the Forodhani market starts dazzling, with the buzz and energy being spectacular. Here you can find fresh local products as well as freshly grilled fish, meat, and vegetables – but the best thing to try would be the seafood that’s available in abundance. A hearty meal at this place will surely make you happy!

Go for a spice tour

Zanzibar is famous for its spices and that has been the most profitable trade of the land for centuries – so, you can’t afford to miss this spice tour at any cost. Being a volunteer, you’ll have the added advantage of getting a local companion who can show you the nooks and corners while narrating you the tales of the market and details about the spices. You can also choose a guided spice tour, that can be arranged for you. Explore the market and get to know about the history of spice traders and also about the demand of these spices all across the world.

Snorkeling at Mnemba Atoll

This would the best “value for money” snorkeling trip which you can’t find anywhere else in the world! A day trip to Mnemba from Zanzibar will cost you $25 – which includes the boat ride to and from Zanzibar, snorkeling, and lunch on a pristine island. If you are traveling to Mnemba Atoll, there is always a chance of spotting dolphins, and the colorful corals that you’ll find are no less than mesmerizing. A trip to Zanzibar will be incomplete without visiting Mnemba Atoll.

So what are you waiting for? Amazing things are there in Zanzibar to be explored by you – plan your volunteering trip with us, and experience the best that this place has to offer.

For more information about the projects, drop us a mail at [email protected] and our Program Advisors will get back to you!

And in the meanwhile, watch this video shot by our amazing volunteers in Zanzibar!

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