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Volunteering Solutions (VS) provides different accommodation options for volunteers at different program locations around the world. We understand the importance of  real cultural immersion which the volunteers are looking for , due to which volunteers are provided accommodation with local host families at many program locations.

In certain program countries, volunteers stay with other like minded volunteers from all around the world in a volunteer home-base or volunteer house. Staying at a volunteer house accommodation is exciting as you get to meet volunteers from different countries , make new friends, share your story and make a meaningful impact in the projects with the other volunteers.

For many volunteers, staying with a local family is the highlight of their volunteer abroad trip. While staying with a family you will feel safe, welcomed into a new home,  get to know their customs, culture and way of life.

VS provides you different accommodation options at different locations. In many project countries we offer both volunteer homebase as well host family accommodations. For example, In the Volunteering Solutions South Africa program, volunteers get an option to stay in a volunteer house in the city or with a host family in the Cape Town suburbs.

Given below are details of  the type of accommodation you can expect at some of the program locations :-

1. Peru

Volunteers enjoying Peruvian food at their homestay in Cusco

Volunteers working in Peru are provided accommodations with local Peruvian host families. Staying with a family is very exciting as you would get to improve and practice Spanish with the family members.

The accommodations in the families are very comfortable with bedding provided.Volunteers are provided with all meals at the host family accommodations from Monday – Saturday. Lunch is the biggest meal in Peru and dinner is usually just comprises of soups and salads.


2. South Africa

VolunteeringSolutionsvolunteerhouse in Cape Town

Volunteering Solutions arranges accommodation for volunteers in a Volunteer house or in home stays in local communities. The volunteer house is located in the heart of the Atlantic sea board, 5 minutes from the center of Cape Town; it is located 5 minutes walking distance from the sea and Mountain.

The Volunteer house is used exclusively by volunteers so you will always have companionship with other volunteers that have similar interests and experiences in mind.

The house is equipped will all modern amenities and full kitchen facilities. The house also has a large lounge where volunteers share their experience and meals, the house can get rather lively over weekends as volunteers return from tours and projects to relax over the weekends, social events are often arranged which include volley ball on the beach and BBQ’s with drinks. The house also has hostel manager which is always on duty to assist the volunteers.

Volunteers are also given an option to stay with host family. The host family accommodations are located in local communities in suburban areas of Cape Town. Volunteers staying in host families work in projects located mostly within walking distance from their accommodations. By staying with a host family you will be able to know more about the South African way of life of the local people, their culture and living.


3. Ghana

Volunteer with her host family in Ghana

Volunteers working in the projects in Tamale in Northern Region, Ghana are provided accommodation with local Ghanaian host families.

The host family accommodations are safe and have been inspected and visited by Volunteering Solutions coordinators and staff.

Ghanaians are one of the most hospitable and friendly people and staying with a local family would be definitely one of the highlights of your volunteer service trip to Ghana. Staying with a local family in Ghana would make you a part of the local community, way of life and living. During your free time, you would help your family members in daily chores or even cooking banku and fufu – traditional Ghanaian dishes.


4. Kenya

Common area for volunteers in the Volunteer house in Kenya

Volunteers choosing to volunteer in Nairobi in the Kenya program are provided accommodation in a volunteer house. The volunteer house is located in suburban Nairobi and is around 30-40 minutes from the main city center.

The volunteer house has comfortable dorm style rooms as well as a large common sitting room with TV and dining area for the volunteers. Living in the volunteer house is comfortable with shared rooms with other volunteers and western style toilets and showers.

Two meals a day comprising of breakfast and dinner are provided to the volunteers in the house. The meals usually comprise of staple Kenyan food which includes corn, maize, Ugali, Irio,beans and veggies. Breakfast usually comprises of  bread, tea, butter or sausages.

The host mother and caretaker in the house is there to assist the volunteers and the coordinator/staff visit volunteers on a regular basis.


5. Thailand

Volunteers Room at Chiang Mai Volunteer house

Volunteering Solutions offers volunteer opportunities in Chiang Mai, Surin and Bangkok and Koh Samui in Thailand.

Volunteers and Interns working in Chiang Mai are provided accommodation in a volunteer house located within Chiang Mai city.The volunteer accommodations can accommodate upto 30-35 volunteers at one time. All rooms are air conditioned and a good respite from the hot and sultry Thai weather. Laundry and Wireless internet facility is also available in the accommodations.Fully equipped kitchen is available for volunteers to cook their own meals.Volunteers working at the Elephant Camp volunteer project located around an hour outside of Chiang Mai city are provided accommodation within the camp itself. Volunteers in the camp stay in guest rooms or in tree houses. The accommodation is comfortable at the camp with electricity and water available.

Typical room in volunteer flat in Surin

Volunteers working in Surin projects are provided accommodation in Bangkok for first two nights of their trip along with a Bangkok city tour.

Once you have arrived in Surin you will be taken straigh to your accommodation and helped to settle in. In the town we rent several houses from the local community each of which have several bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and in and outdoor seating areas.

The houses, although basic, are clean, safe and comfortable. Whichever house you are allocated to please do respect your fellow house mates at all times.

In our Volunteer in Bangkok projects, volunteers are provided accommodation in volunteer house as well. Rooms are shared with other volunteers.


6. India

Volunteer Dorm Rooms in Delhi

Volunteering Solutions offers volunteer and internship placements in Delhi, & Palampur.

In Delhi, the volunteer accommodations are based in South Delhi which is regarded as one of the best areas of Delhi. Some of the best markets such as GK -I, Lajpat Nagar and Dilli Haat are in close proximity to the volunteer accommodations.

The accommodations have a mix of dorm style and shared rooms  with western style toilets as well as Television and Wireless Internet available. Hot water is available for the volunteers in the winters.

Volunteers Room in Volunteer House in Delhi

The volunteer accommodations in Delhi are busy all year round with Delhi being one of the most popular program location.

Volunteers are provided with two vegetarian meals a day at the accommodations comprising of Breakfast and Dinner.

Breakfast usually comprises of Tea, Bread, Butter, Jam, Porridge, Indian dishes such as Parantha and occasional fruit. Dinner usually consists of  Rice, Roti ( Indian bread), Indian home style curry and vegetables. All meals are freshly prepared for the volunteers by the cooks.Air conditioning is provided during the night time to the volunteers during the peak summer months.

With some of the best markets and places to visit in close proximity to the accommodations , volunteers enjoy staying in the bustling capital city of Delhi.

In Palampur, the volunteers stay at our home-base accommodation. During the busy summer months, we lease out more accommodations for volunteer groups and individual volunteers.

2- 3 volunteers share rooms and there are western style toilets with hot water available. The accommodations have a separate common area for volunteers. Volunteers can see a beautiful view of snow-capped Himalayan mountain peaks from the accommodations.


7. Tanzania

Volunteers having fun time at the volunteer house in Arusha

Volunteers in Arusha stay at a large volunteer house accommodation. The volunteer house is located not very far from the heart of Arusha city and the famous Clock Tower area. The house is a two storey building which has different rooms for the volunteers with common bathrooms.

The cooks prepare delicious meals for the volunteers and the house is guarded by a security guard as well. The house has a separate laundry and clothes drying area as well as plenty of open space to relax and have a good time.


8. Cambodia

Volunteers with their host family in Cambodia

Volunteers working in Phnom Penh, Cambodia  are provided with an option to live with a host family or in volunteer house.

Staying with a local host family is exciting and a very good opportunity for the volunteers to get to know the traditional customs, culture and way of life of Cambodians. Our volunteers usually stay with middle class families. All volunteers are provided with separate rooms in most cases. However, in a rare case you would be sharing the room with a fellow volunteer. All host families are carefully selected and approved by the local staff and have past experience of hosting international volunteers. All accommodations have running water and electricity available.

The Volunteer house accommodation is centrally located and close to most of the popular tourist sites in Phnom Penh. Volunteers share a room with other volunteers. The house is a great place to meet and interact with other like minded volunteers from different parts of the world. Internet facility is available for volunteers use and laundry facility is also available at extra cost.

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