This is What These Volunteer Destinations Will Offer For Breakfast


Breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day. Not only because it is the very first meal in the day, but also because it gives you the kick start you need to keep going for the entire day; without facing fatigue or lethargy. And it becomes utmost important when your schedule involves volunteer work for 5 – 6 hours of the day.

So, with a mix of essential nutrition and mouth-watery taste, here is a list of typical breakfasts you will find in these volunteer destinations abroad;


1. Cape Town

Breakfast in South Africa

The breakfast in all of South Africa is highly influenced by European and American culture. What, mostly, you’ll find is a light snack alongside a steamy and hot beverage; commonly a nice cup of coffee. While volunteering in Cape Town you’d experience the real taste of South African breakfast in the form of Buttermilk toast and coffee/tea.


2. Ho Chi Minh City

Bun Thit Nuong

The Vietnamese cuisine is popular for its ingredient variance and cooking style; which is mainly barbecue. One such popular dish that you will get the taste of when in Ho Chi Minh city, is Bun Thit Nuong. A great mix of rice vermicelli, grilled pork, Vietnamese pickles, this typical Vietnamese dish is topped with scallions and their oil, and fish sauce. To the sides is the addition of crunchy fried spring rolls.


3. New Delhi

Aloo Parantha

Ah! The great Indian cuisine. Just like its cultural and traditional diversity, the cuisine in India varies from region to region. Delhi, being a north Indian state, offers a breakfast that is rich in taste, color, texture, and ingredients. From ‘Aloo Parantha’ (a pan-fried flat bread with mashed potato fillings), served with pickle and/or curd, to ‘Poha’ (flattened rice flakes), you can expect a plate full of richness and spice on your breakfast table every morning.

4. Kathmandu

Steamed Momos (Nepalese Dumplings)


Just when you thought that a fine American diner could be the only place you’d find a variety of meat preparations, the capital of Nepal astonishes you with an array of such delicacies. When volunteering in Nepal, wake up to the smell of Thupka, Jwanu Chicken, Pork Masu, and likes. A great start to the day indeed!


5. Colombo

Sri Lankan Appa Hopper

Sri Lankans are fond of curries, and you’ll realize this soon into your sojourn in Colombo. Some of the commonest dishes that you may witness on the breakfast table in Colombo includes meat curry (could be pork, lamb, or mutton), fish curry, chicken curry (with rice), Parippu (red split lentils curry), and likes. Also, do watch out for the star of the show, the Hoppers.


6. Tamale

Banku with Grilled Fish

If there would be a list of countries with the most unique and experimental cuisines in the world, then Ghana surely is taking one of the top 3 spots. When volunteering in Ghana, you’ll get to experience a wholesome African breakfast every morning. Banku (steamed rolled fermented corns dish) and Red Red (beans cooked with fish or meat) are the highlights.


7. Rabat


Meal in Morocco is equivalent to flatbread, and it’s certainly not an overstatement. Bread is everywhere, on every table in Morocco. And the same is what you’ll find in Rabat. The most popular, and something you REALLY REALLY must try, is the Harcha (a pan-fried semolina flatbread). Ask your local coordinator where you can find Harcha, and it’d make the second best experience of volunteering in Rabat; the first is the volunteer program itself.

8. Cusco

Peruvian breakfast

The land of Incas is not just popular for its astonishing heritage sites and other-worldly ruins but has a great hold over the taste palates as well. Peruvians know very well how to consume a balanced diet and that’s why a typical morning meal starts with corns, eggs (scrambled or fried), bread, and a hot cup of coffee. Tamale also makes for a common part of typical Peruvian breakfast.


9. Bangkok


Rice is the commonest part of any meal in the entire Thailand region. While volunteering in Bangkok, you will get an array of options for your breakfast and almost all of them would have rice as a prominent part of it. Another frequent participant of a typical Thai breakfast platter is soup. Tom Luad Moo is one of the region’s favorites and is made of boiled pork.


Make your volunteer trip healthy and fit by giving your day a nutritious start. For more details on volunteering abroad and booking arrangements, contact [email protected]. Bon Appetit!


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