6 Exclusive Experiences While Volunteering In Costa Rica


Before we begin talking about why volunteering in Costa Rica, let’s talk a little about why Costa Rica. One of the best parts about Central American countries, apart from their cool lifestyle and flamboyant hospitality, is the scenic natural beauty spread all over. Now, consider a place which is at the center of the Central American map; can’t get better, isn’t it!?

Costa Rica, with its rugged rainforest land and coastlines, stretched for miles at Pacific and Caribbean, is one of the most beautiful Central American region. Volunteering in Costa Rica is a great way to explore the destination; more like a native than a tourist. It lets you experience the region unlike anything else.

To bring things more into perspective, here are 6 of the most exclusive experiences while doing volunteer work in Costa Rica.


1. Learning the Secrets Of A Typical Costa Rican Lifestyle

Volunteers joining the projects in Costa Rica are placed in the capital city of San Jose. The accommodation provided to the volunteers is a host family setup. This means that the gap year travelers volunteering in Costa Rica will be living with a local Costa Rican family, in their house, during the entire sojourn. Now, how closer it can get, than this, of living with a native? Make the most of your time with the family members and learn about their lifestyle, cultural nuances, historical anecdotes, the ‘Whys’, ‘Wheres’,Hows‘, ‘Whens’, and lot more. Who needs a guidebook when you have the most authentic information source at your disposal.

2. And Getting To Live Like A True Tico Yourself

local people of costa rica

Visiting a different country, especially for the first time, needs a lot of preparation and understanding about the place. It is for this that VolSol offers a specially designed program which introduces the volunteers to the local customs, ethics, and overall lifestyle. Language and Orientation Week is a cultural immersion project that runs for a week where in the volunteers get to do and experience local things. This includes Spanish language sessions conducted by trained and certified teachers, typical Latino dance classes, and cooking lessons for authentic local dishes. This Spanish Immersion Week is an optional activity but is highly recommended to give a great start to your project and smooth running for the rest of the volunteer work in Costa Rica.


3. Working For The Conservation of Sea Turtles and Wildlife

Joanna- Turtle conservation volunteer in Costa rica

Almost a quarter of Costa Rican region is protected jungles and rainforests, burgeoned with exotic wildlife. The scenic coastlines of Pacific and Caribbean make the overall land of Costa Rica rich in bio-diversity. Volunteering Solutions offers placements under the Sea Turtle Conservation volunteering in Costa Rica. This is a unique volunteer opportunity where overseas volunteers can, not only, get close to the adorable families of sea turtles, but also get to work for their preservation. This is like a dream come true for those who’ve always thought about living by the beach. Along with this, there are volunteer work opportunities for the conservation of wildlife in Costa Rica, where volunteers are placed at the local wildlife rescue centers.


4. Getting The Most Authentic Souvenirs


While volunteering in Costa Rica, volunteers work for 5 days a week and have the weekends at their disposal to explore the city. And, one of the key activities while exploring a new city is the shopping arcades and local market places; for buying souvenirs to take back. VolSol understands the value of keeping memories from an abroad trip and that’s why appoints a local coordinator at each of their volunteer destinations abroad. In Costa Rica, the local coordinator can suggest the best market places and shopping areas to buy the most authentic and exclusive souvenirs; and at the local price range.


5. Global Networking Without Having To Travel The World

volunteer in costa rica

Volunteering abroad is a global platform for travelers from around the world, coming together for a similar purpose. During the entire sojourn in Costa Rica, volunteers get to live together, work together, take excursions together, explore the destination together, and a lot more. It’s like having an extended family away from home. This is an opportunity to understand each other’s local cultures and lifestyle, ethics, and a lot more. When you volunteer in Costa Rica, you don’t just get to explore Costa Rica, but also get to make connections with people from across the globe.


6. Making Travel Memories That Money Can’t Buy

childcare volunteer in costa rica

Living with people from different countries, eating authentic Costa Rican meal straight from the kitchens of a native home, spending quality time with kids and learning about their inspirations while volunteering for childcare program, living a mariner life while working for the welfare of sea turtles, and a lot more such experiences are what awaits in Costa Rica on a volunteer trip. These are such experiences, which you hardly can have a regular tourist, or even if you hire a local guide to show you around. And these are experiences that you can’t just buy but have to live through by dedicating yourself to the project.

Any guidebook to Costa Rica will tell you the monuments to visit, restaurants to eat, events to attend, and other local activities to do. But, it is only when you are on a volunteer trip to Costa Rica that you will have some really exclusive experiences. And who doesn’t likes to be provided with an exclusive treatment?

The application process to register for Costa Rica volunteer programs is pretty simple. All you need to do is shoot your queries in an email to our program advisers and let them do the rest for you. Contact at [email protected]


Bienvenido a Costa Rica!

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