Fantastic Reasons to Pursue International Medical Internships

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You might want to consider a medical internship abroad for many reasons. Perhaps you want to gain experience in a new country, learn a new language, or broaden your horizons. 

Whatever your reasons, there are many great opportunities available for medical interns abroad.

Medical internships abroad are a fantastic opportunity to complete some required credits, jumpstart the residency process, or completely transform your med school application. 

For students, those enrolled in medical internships abroad are a terrific opportunity to complete some required credits, jumpstart the residency process, or completely transform your med school application.

The accessibility, organization, and functionality of healthcare are diverse; if you can connect with medical internships abroad, you will have a better understanding of how healthcare systems differ worldwide. 

You can use what you learn about different cultures in your practice when you return home, or perhaps you have skills that will be useful in another country’s system.

Reasons for Pursuing Medical Volunteering Abroad

You’ll likely meet someone with a different culture, worldview, or even language from you if you base yourself on your profession because there won’t be a single racial or ethnic majority there by 2055. 

You have the chance to develop a multicultural awareness of the varied world you will undoubtedly work in by doing a Mexican studies course.

As a medical student, you are up against stiff competition, and having a foreign internship on your resume will make you look snazzy as you all get out. 

Internships abroad are a great way to boost your chances of getting into medical school or finding a job that can save lives.

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Common Forms of International Medical Internships

Before you start looking for medical internships abroad, you need to clearly understand the type of internship you want and the field of study you want to focus on. 

Here are a few general options:

General Practice 

A general practitioner, also known as a “generalist,” is a doctor who offers various medical services, such as annual checkups, vaccinations, and treatment for various illnesses and wounds. 

Pre-med students are individuals enrolled in undergraduate programs, usually with scientific majors, to prepare them for medical graduate study. 

Although degrees vary, certain courses prepare you for medical school and the MCAT.


If you are looking into surgical-specific medical internships abroad, likely, you are already well into the educational process. To become a qualified surgeon, you must complete your bachelor’s degree, four years of medical school, and three to ten years of residency, and in the US, you also need to have a licence and board certification.

Learn about cardiovascular medicine, a branch of medicine that focuses on conditions of the heart, blood vessels, and vascular system. Do you have a heart for the circulatory system?

Dental Care 

It would help if you had a BS and four years of dental school to become a dentist; dentistry internships abroad are a great way to fulfil residency requirements or obtain academic credit because, like other medical professions, they are required to complete a residency program. 

Women’s Health 

A few career paths fall into this category, but if you’re interested in becoming a licensed doctor, you’re studying obstetrics and gynaecology (OB/GYN), a field of study that focuses on treating issues with the female reproductive system and giving birth. 

Women’s health is frequently used to refer to a highly specialised area of nursing that focuses on providing care for women.

A midwife’s main responsibility is to support expectant mothers. They help women stay healthy during their pregnancies and keep them throughout labour, delivery, and postpartum. 

There are many different certification levels, but they are all the same. If you like babies, you might be interested in midwifery. International midwifery schools are excellent for those discovering the lovely world of childbirth because they are a little off the beaten path (and yes, men can be midwives too).


Paediatric studies allow you to do just that. It’s like becoming a doctor, but for kids. Does it sound difficult? That’s because you must finish your undergraduate degree, medical school, three-year residency programs, and board certification (*paediatricians are physicians, so the answer is yes).

So, try to be a childcare volunteer abroad—it is fulfilling to help children be in their best health. 

You’re Ready for International Medical Internships!

You will meet new people, have new experiences, and return home with a broader view of the world that will aid your future medical profession and personal life. The goal and impact of medical internships abroad will form a positive curve in the graph of your life.

Never listen to anyone who suggests otherwise. Even though you’ll be having a blast, the task will still be challenging. Accept the challenge. It’s true! You may travel while pursuing global health internships abroad, and you can count that travel toward your professional development.

For the past 16 years, Volunteering Solutions has offered valuable and cheap international volunteer opportunities and internships. We have more than 150 programs, including ones in medical, conservation, childcare, and education. Reach out if you’re interested in a medical internship abroad!

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