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Volunteering Solutions provides Internship Abroad Programs in various fields across different destinations worldwide. We are committed to delivering you with the most professional and meaningful Summer Internships Abroad. The internship experience assures you of a proper professional exposure, hands-on training and valuable additions to your present skill set. An International Internship Experience will give you the necessary jumpstart to your career.

Our internship ensuite include a number of programs, fit for different schools of learning. Pre-meds, medical students can go for our healthcare and medical internships. Other than this, we have Dental Electives and Dental Internships. In healthcare internship, we have the option of physiotherapy internships. Student studying to be vets, also have the option to choose Veterinary Internship. Apart from all these we have a special internship program for journalists and media students. All our international internships are designed to to provide well balanced on-the-job training to our participants. Our internship programs are in Nepal, India, Peru and Thailand. Applications for Internship programs Abroad 2015 – 2016 are open, apply now to book your slot!

Here is an added resource for our participants looking for medical internships abroad: How to Volunteer for a Medical Internship Abroad.
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Intern Abroad Project

Intern Abroad Project Locations

Why Intern Abroad? 

Taking up an International Internship has its own set of advantages. It will not only grant you valuable international exposure but also give a big boost to your resume. The internship activities include a wide variety of tasks depending upon its nature and some of the biggest advantages of interning abroad are :-
  • Gain International Exposure
  • Meet new people and explore a new destination
  • Add value to your Resume
  • Addition to your present skill set
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Learn how to work in a team

Medical and Dental Internships Abroad

Interning in a Medicine and Healthcare Project Abroad would provide you with a valuable foundation and kickstart a bright future ahead in the field of General medicine, nursing, dentistry and physiotherapy. We offer medical internship placements suited for students from different medicinal backgrounds and fields. Medical and Dental Internships are provided in Thailand, Peru, India and Nepal.

Medical Interns enrolled in the Thailand program work in the city of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand and intern at one of the biggest hospitals in the city thereby gaining valuable skills and professional exposure. Interns joining the Medical Program get to work at the local government and private Nepalese Hospitals and medical clinics. Interns get a hands on clinical experience and get to observe and experience the healthcare system in the Himalayan Kingdom.

Dental Interns in India and Peru are placed in dental clinics working with dentists and gaining practical experience in the field of dentistry. The Interns assist the dentists as well as perform hands on tasks depending on their skill set. 

Physiotherapy Internship in India 

Physiotherapy Internship from VolSol is provided in the Palampur town of India. The city is a beautiful hill station where the interns get the opportunity to work under professional in a physiotherapy centre. Intern also sometimes placed in hospitals and rehabilitation centres for differently abled kids. 

Journalism Internship in Thailand

Journalism Internship in Thailand gives the journalism students a great opportunity to work with the biggest Thai Magazine and hone their present skills in order to secure a seat in a premiere journalism school or create  foundation for a rewarding journalism career ahead. 
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