8 Reasons That Will Make You Extend Your Volunteering Program In Ecuador


Ecuador, A country in the continent of South America that is highly recommended by almost all travelers who have been there; and why not? The country, after all, has so many splendid reasons to pull you towards it and make you stay for long. Some of these strong reasons, which you will experience during your volunteering sojourn, includes;

1. There are mountains, beaches, and then there is entire Amazon

The country is gifted with the blessings of nature by all means and at all levels. Volcanic mountains, snow-capped hills, pristine beaches, and of course, the flamboyant forests of Amazon.


2. Intact Spanish colonial centers

That Ecuador is covered by natural beauty from all corners, the interiors of the region is no less mesmerizing. The capital city of Quito, for example, has some of the greatest and finely constructed churches and palaces; all from the Spanish colonial era.


3. The people are the country’s best preserved treasure

Warm, kind-hearted, friendly, helping in nature, and great hosts; the people of Ecuador is possibly a thing that will never get off your mind. When volunteering in Ecuador, you will realize the subtlety of the local Incas.


4. The indigenous markets are a crowd puller

Talking about the interiors of the country and its people, one thing that both these aspects jointly provide is a series of colorful indigenous markets. Be it in the main city of Quito or the one in Otavalo, which is also one of the most famous markets in the country.


5. Endless adventure activities needs little more time than you think

You will be surprised to find a plenty of adventure activities that one can get involved in. From treks to the Andes and wildlife watching in the great Amazon, to surfing on the Pacific tides and exploring the endemic creatures of the land and sea.


6. The preserved century old culture is hard to rival

The churches and palaces from the Spanish colonial era is just one of the factors that reflects the cultural nuances of the country. Once you stay with a host family during your volunteer program at Ecuador you will understand the theories and significance of the roots of this culture from the horse’s mouth.


7. Its spring!

Get a globe and locate Ecuador on it. Found it? Something unique you see? Yes! It is located directly on the equator. This propagates spring climatic conditions in Ecuador for most parts of the year. Thus, providing you with a window to plan a trip to Ecuador according to your available schedule and not the weather conditions.


8. The aura of Galapagos

Had it not been for the Galapagos, the very existence of our race would have been in doubt. This archipelago in the Pacific Ocean is considered to be one of the best for wildlife viewing.

The country is certainly one of the jewels of Central American continent with such vibrant people, amazing amazon, brilliant architecture, beautiful archipelago of Galapagos, and much more. If you are planning to volunteer in Ecuador, make sure you spend a good amount of time to live the country. Speak to our program advisor for more information at [email protected]

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