5 Visa Friendly Countries For Summer Volunteering Abroad

Visa Requirement for Volunteering abroad
Summer vacations, a time that everyone (especially the college and high school teens) look forward to. People make their plans way in advance as to what they would want to do or where they would want to go during the summer breaks. One activity, which is highly popular and mostly taken up by many, is a summer volunteer program abroad. Volunteeri...
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10 Quotes On Volunteering Abroad By Famous Personalities

There was a time when social work or volunteer work was confined to a particular region and was executed by a set of well established natives. Today, however, volunteering has crossed borders and people have started taking up volunteer travelling during their gap year or sabbatical period. But, it is not just now that this act of global altruism...
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How VolSol keeps you safe while volunteering abroad

Safe Volunteer abroad
Volunteering in a different country abroad means working in a totally unknown environment. Of course, all volunteer travelers do a thorough research about the destination before leaving for the program, but the assurance for a safe sojourn still remains a concern. While there are options for taking a volunteer travel abroad as an individual, wha...
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Volunteering Solutions – Why You Should Choose Us

Volunteering Solutions
Volunteering Abroad is the best way to not just travel abroad but also do something worthwhile for the country that one is visiting. Interning abroad is also a great way to do three things in one go - earning college credits and professional exposure, travel to a new location and most importantly meeting new people and contributing to global soc...
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Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam: Tri-Destination Volunteering in Asia

What if you were told that a single trip of yours, for volunteering abroad in South East Asia, can give an opportunity to multiply your experience three times? Thinking how will that be possible?!? Well, with Volunteering Solutions anything is possible; almost! To tread the south east asian way is any passionate traveler’s ultimate dream and ...
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Traits of a Responsible Volunteer Placement Organization

how to choose a volunteer placement organization
Volunteering under any program at any given destination requires a lot of dedication from the volunteers, and is a huge responsibility on them. But, what most of the times gets missed out is, how much responsible a placement agency should also be. After all, it is these organizations through which a volunteer is enrolling into a program, which m...
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