10 Must Visit Sites While Volunteering In Sri Lanka

trip to sri lanka
Sri Lanka is a country full of quintessential locations, some of which are also listed by UNESCO as the world heritage sites. Most of these locations are either located in or at a close proximity to the city of Colombo and Galle where Volunteering Solutions has its projects available. This makes it for a perfect travel experience for volunteers ...
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8 Do’s And Don’ts While Volunteering In Tanzania

Tanzania is one of the most chosen volunteer destinations in Africa, and with programs offered in Arusha and Zanzibar it is pretty evident why. The people in Tanzania are very friendly towards the tourist crowd and provide a commendable hospitality. Volunteering Solutions has been placing volunteers, from all corners of the world, in Tanzania fr...
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Celebrate This Friendships Day In A Different Way

Though, the history of celebrating Friendships Day dates back to more than half a century, it was on the 27th of July 2011 that UN general assembly declared 30th July as the official date to celebrate the International Friendships Day. However, it is on the first Sunday of August month that the occasion is been celebrated all over the world nowa...
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Top 5 Community Development Volunteering Opportunities Abroad

The world is one big community, which is divided into numerous communities that we call our neighborhood. The people we see, meet, speak with every other day are the immediate inhabitants of our neighborhood and we always thrive to help each other during crisis situation. However, humanitarian work teach us to help not only those who are a part ...
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All You Need To Know About Group Volunteering Abroad

Volunteering has its fair share of benefits and volunteering in a group is like icing on the cake. There are umpteen reasons why you should volunteer with a group and VolSol provides some customized group volunteering opportunities abroad which includes countries in Asia, Africa and also South America. Here’s all what you need to know about volu...
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List Of Tasks To Be Done By A Volunteer In Thailand

Kindergarten project in Thailand - Bangkok
As a placement organization we receive a lot of queries from interested volunteers related to their work schedule and the tasks involved for volunteering abroad. The task for a volunteer working under any kind of a project, at a given destination, depends on the type of that project as well as the current state of requirements. Volunteering Solu...
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