Nepal – Conditions One Month Post Earthquake

Exactly one month back, on this day, people in Nepal were having a normal day doing the regular activities they do each day, unaware of the fact that their lives are going to change completely in few minutes. A monstrous earthquake of 7.8 strength, as measured on the Richter scale, dismantled the life of people in Nepal, especially, in Kathmandu...
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15 FREE Travel Apps Essential For A Worry-Free Volunteering Abroad

top free 15 travel apps for traveler
Traveling to a foreign land needs a lot of planning and research. And if the purpose is for volunteering abroad, one needs to be sure of the entire itinerary and keep a regular track of things to avoid any kind of lapse or delay. Here is a list of 15 useful mobile apps that can come extremely handy during your travel planning as well as while...
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18 Volunteering Destinations You Just Need $10 To Spend A Wonderful Day At

While volunteering abroad in a foreign land, be it your first time or tenth, you ought to find the most affordable way to execute your trip. Volunteering Solutions covers up most of the major utilities one happens to spend the maximum on; including, accommodation and meals. However, when on a volunteer trip abroad, one does go for short excursio...
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A Staunch Volunteer Traveler – 10 Signs That Proves You Have It What It Takes To Be One

signs of perfect volunteer
The trend of adding volunteer work to a travel expedition abroad has been seen pacing up in the recent years. And, then there is a particular set of volunteers for whom the main purpose of travelling abroad is for a volunteer work only; exploring the region is an additional benefit. However, it is definitely not that easy to be such a dedicat...
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Summer Volunteering Program 2015 – India Chapter

While planning for holidays the one thing that figures in everyone’s bucket list is a perfect summer trip abroad. A trip that is affordable, fun, safe and gives us an authentic cultural experience of the country that we plan to travel to. One of the best ways to get this experience is by taking up a volunteer work during the summer trip abroad. ...
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Best Airports For Duty Free Shopping While Volunteering Abroad


The first encounter with a shopping arcade, when travelling to a foreign land, occurs at the airport of that destination. Almost all international airports of major countries have a series of duty free shops where travelers can shop from and buy products at a considerably lower price than the normal rate. It could be...

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