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Volunteering Solutions Reviews
Buying a new iPhone or booking a room in a hotel, today every purchase of a product or a service is supported heavily through online reviews by people who have used or experienced those products or services. Volunteering Solutions understands the importance and need of reviews which can come really handy for gap y...
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48 Hours – What to See and Do While Volunteering in Peru

The gorgeous circular terraced bowl of Moray are thought to be an experimental agricultural nursery for the Incas, with different micro-climates allowing for different varieties of corn to be planted at deeper levels of the circular bowl.
Wikipedia says that Peru covers roughly 12.8lacs sq.kms of area on earth, but don't go by the sheer mathematical figures. The ancient Inca region has a lot on its plate than one can imagine. The world knows about the great Machu Picchu ruin located in Andean highlands, but there is a lot more than that for a visit...
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Volunteering Abroad: The Best Gift You Can Give Your Partner This Valentine’s Day


Romantic getaways, a lovely dine-out, a bouquet full of roses, or a trip to volunteer abroad? Most of you would choose either of the first three options, since a volunteering trip stands as the odd one out. But, what if I told you that it's not! What if it I told you that it is something that can make you experien...

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Things That Prove 2016 Will Be The Year of Volunteering Travel

Volunteer travel in 2016
From being just another activity during holidays and a part of leisure, to becoming a source of gaining experience, exploring, and knowledge sharing; traveling has evolved a lot over the years. Extending this trend of advancement, today, traveling has turned int...
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24 Incredible Pictures of Volunteering in Africa That Will Make You Want to Relocate

childcare volunteering in Africa
So, let's say, you visited a famous restaurant in your town and ordered your favorite from the menu. You relished your meal, had a great time, paid your bill, and left. Now, imagine, during all this while, had there been an opportunity or an occasion where the head chef himself had come up to your table to ask you...
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8 Animal Friendly Countries to Volunteer Travel Abroad in 2016

India Elephant project Jaipur

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened."

These words by Anatole France is a clear indication of how much importance does animals have for the humankind. The love and affection for one’s pets is something that can be...
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