Volunteering In Bangkok – Best Weekend Activity Options

Bangkok is certainly not an unknown destination for travelers and backpackers. In fact, it forms the muscle power for Thailand’s tourism industry; so much so that it became the most visited city in the world in the Forbes’ list of World’s Top 10 Most visited Cities. While volunteering in Bangkok with Volunteering Solutions the weekends are gener...
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Glimpses of Ethnic attires in our Top 8 volunteering destinations

ethnic-wear in top 8 volunteering destinations
All of us carry different identities, dreams, beliefs and follow unique traditions. On the occasion of World Ethnic Day, we celebrate different cultures of different countries together on a single day. It’s time to go back to our roots and share the culture and its uniqueness with each other.  VolSol brings you a glimpse of the marvelous ethnic ...
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3 Events in China Every Volunteer Should Attend

Mid-Autumn Festival china
China is known for its bright and colorful festivals celebrated all year round. Every festival has its own uniqueness, yet has certain similarities in terms of charm, enthusiasm in people, structure, etc. While every festival has a history behind it that goes thousands of years back, a lot of importance is given on celebrating a huge festival wi...
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20 Pictures That Proves Why Women Make Better Volunteer Travelers

They travel, they help, they explore, they learn… in short, they volunteer abroad! While men mostly opt to take a hiking expedition or a snorkeling experience as a part of their expeditions; a general backpacking routine; women choose a smarter way to travel abroad; Volunteering! (more…) -->
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Volunteering in Asia vs Volunteering in Africa – A Study by Volunteering Solutions

It is no more a rare scenario to be found that a backpacker or gap year traveler is opting for/adding a full time volunteer abroad program to their expedition. And when it comes to volunteering abroad, the two continents that stand out the most are Africa and Asia.  These two continents also contain some of the most visited countri...
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Nepal – Conditions One Month Post Earthquake

Exactly one month back, on this day, people in Nepal were having a normal day doing the regular activities they do each day, unaware of the fact that their lives are going to change completely in few minutes. A monstrous earthquake of 7.8 strength, as measured on the Richter scale, dismantled the life of people in Nepal, especially, in Kathmandu...
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