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Volunteering Abroad is the best way to not just travel abroad but also do something worthwhile for the country that one is visiting. Interning abroad is also a great way to do three things in one go - earning college credits and professional exposure, travel to a new location and most importantly meeting new people and contributing to global soc...
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Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam: Tri-Destination Volunteering in Asia

What if you were told that a single trip of yours, for volunteering abroad in South East Asia, can give an opportunity to multiply your experience three times? Thinking how will that be possible?!? Well, with Volunteering Solutions anything is possible; almost! To tread the south east asian way is any passionate traveler’s ultimate dream and ...
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Traits of a Responsible Volunteer Placement Organization

how to choose a volunteer placement organization
Volunteering under any program at any given destination requires a lot of dedication from the volunteers, and is a huge responsibility on them. But, what most of the times gets missed out is, how much responsible a placement agency should also be. After all, it is these organizations through which a volunteer is enrolling into a program, which m...
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Are You A Volunteer Or A Smart Volunteer – Infographic

So you have decided to go for a volunteering stint this gap year, and are all excited about it. But are you aware of the kind of volunteering expedition you are going for? Yes! there are “two kinds of volunteers in this world; confused? check out yourself and decide….. which one are you?         ...
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Myths About Volunteering Abroad You Must Break Away From

Volunteering needs a lot of dedication, enthusiasm and motivation; indeed! But like many other things, even this act of altruism has been a victim of myths and misconceptions formed around it. While, the most common is about the expenses being on the higher sides, many has it that volunteering abroad isn’t a safe operation, and that one needs a ...
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10 Most Interesting and Unknown Facts About Volunteering Abroad

Mark Twain once said, “The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up”. It is said that, those who begin volunteering at a younger age (17-20) are twice more likely to volunteer throughout and more often. This is some of the many intriguing factors, which are unknown to many. Volunteering abroad can be a succe...
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